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The planning of Lucky Adventures is an important part of ascension strategy. Every player can get three per day from 11-leaf clovers from The Hermitage.

Turn Efficiency

These lucky adventures directly reduce the number of turns required to complete quests, and are listed in roughly the order you'd encounter them in a run. If the lucky adventure is a monster encounter instead of a noncombat, ensure that you can actually beat the monster for its drops.

Location Adventure Result Notes
Cobb's Knob Barracks Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain KGE outfit For the level 5 quest. This is the quickest way to get this outfit, which also unlocks the Dispensary after learning the password.
Itznotyerzitz Mine Either Ore One of each ore (asbestos, chrome, linoleum) For the level 8 quest, allowing you to skip the Mining Gear. You need three lucky instances to get the ores in this way, possibly less if supplemented through zapping or fighting a mountain man.
The Smut Orc Logging Camp S&M 4-EVER 3x planks, 3x fasteners For the level 9 quest. 30 each of planks and fasteners are needed to bridge the chasm.
A-boo Peak The "Journalist" 2x A-Boo clue, 1x death blossom For the level 9 quest, though this step is often done at the end of level 12 to ensure easy passing of the clue's non-combat. Note that the base drop chance of A-Boo clues from regular fights at the peak is already 15%.
An Oasis Some Things Never Change Ultrahydrated (20 Adv.) For the level 11 quest. Each time can save up to 3 adventures in the Desert/Oasis.
A Mob of Zeppelin Protesters Methinks the Protesters Doth Protest Too Little Choose a noncombat to scare away protesters. For the level 11 quest. Allows you to pick the best noncombat to scare away protesters.
The Copperhead Club Where There's Smoke... 3x Flamin' Whatshisnames For the level 11 quest. Scares away ten protestors in the noncombat Fire Up Above.
The Hidden Temple Baa'baa'bu'ran 1-3 stone wools For the level 11 quest. +100% items will guarantee 2 wools, which is all you need for level 11, but getting the third gives +3 turngen. Using wool for cave bar leveling may no longer be useful, as they are limited to 1/day in Hardcore/Ronin.
Castle Top Floor All The Rave Mick's IcyVapoHotness Inhaler
(10 turns of +200% meat)
For the Nuns quest.
The Limerick Dungeon The Bleary-Eyed Cyclops cyclops eyedrops
(10 turns of +100% item)
Best used during Exterminate the Filthworm Infestation and when farming tomb ratchets in The Middle Chamber. For tomb ratchets which are 20% base drop, if you can hit +400% item drops without these, they're not a great SR.
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) Ahead of the Game possibility potion
(10 turns of +100% initiative)
For helping in reaching enough initiative to get a higher placement in the "Fastest Adventurer" contest for the Naughty Sorceress Quest.

The Red Fox also has an astronomically low chance of dropping a Red Fox glove in addition, which might have some situational use due to its Regular Attacks Can't Miss enchantment.

The Red Zeppelin Red Fox red foxglove
(10 turns of +75% Initiative & +200 Max HP)
8-Bit Realm Some Bricks Do, In Fact, Hang in the Air fire flower
(10 turns of +50 Hot Damage)
For helping in reaching enough elemental damage to get a higher placement in the elemental contest for the Naughty Sorceress Quest. Since January 2022, the 10 turns of +50 Spooky Damage can be obtained from the Through Thicket and Thinnet fork in Arboreal Respite.

Only one of these is required, and the required one can be revealed early with A Telescope with at least one upgrade.

The Haunted Kitchen Play Misty For Me freezerburned ice cube
(10 turns of +50 Cold Damage)
Guano Junction Le Chauve-Souris du Parfum Eau de Guaneau
(10 turns of +50 Stench Damage)
Whitey's Grove Monty of County Crisco bag of lard
(10 turns of +50 Sleaze Damage)
Castle Basement You Never Know... W, A, N, G, and D To create a Wand of Nagamar for the Naughty Sorceress.

Turn Generation

These lucky adventures give you more Adventures instead of saving them.

Location Adventure Result Notes
The Haunted Pantry The Pilsbury Doughjerk 3x tasty tart EPIC-quality food, 1 fullness each
The Sleazy Back Alley In the Still of the Alley 3x distilled fortified wine EPIC-quality booze, 1 drunkenness each
The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob Lunchboxing 1-2x Knob pasty
1-2x thermos full of Knob coffee
EPIC-quality food and booze, 1 fullness/drunkenness each. Only 3 items are produced per lunchbox.
The VERY Unquiet Garves Rolling the Bones disembodied brain and smart skull Makes creating a Meat maid easier for additional adventure gain.


These lucky adventures do not help with ascension-relevant quests or turngen (or have situational uses), but are still of interest.

Location Adventure Result Notes
Cobb's Knob Harem Hands On 3 vials of scented massage oil Combat item that fully restores HP and staggers your opponent; potentially useful versus Your Shadow at The Naughty Sorceress' Tower, depending on your path and available resources
The Haunted Gallery
The Haunted Bathroom
The Haunted Ballroom
With a Clatter
That's a Tidy Bowl, Man!
Forward to the Past
Large mainstat gains These adventures give much higher stat gains than regular powerleveling.
The Valley of Rof L'm Fao Bad ASCII Art All components for a 64735 scroll and an ASCII shirt if you have Torso Awareness For the Valley sidequest.
The Haunted Boiler Room Bram the Stoker Bram's choker (+10% Moxie, +3 PvP Fights, -5% Combat Frequency) Additional source of non-combat frequency. While it's better to Fax this lucky monster, this can be a considered for paths that lack one.
The Brinier Deepers The Haggling 50 turns of Fishy Grants Fishy without using food, booze, or valuable/limited resources
The Mer-Kin Outpost A Drawer of Chests 15-20 sand dollars
Cobb's Knob Treasury Knob Goblin Embezzler 800-1200 base meat drop, 0-4 meat stacks, 0-1 Knob Goblin visor
The Haunted Billiards Room A Shark's Chum Permanent Pool Skill bonus Passive +1-10 bonus to your pool skill that carries across ascensions. Makes unlocking the Library easier.
The amount added to your pool skill is based on a certain formula. This lucky adventure becomes unnecessary after the 25th time.
The Purple Light District Maybe It's a Sexy Snake! lewd playing card
(52 of them creates a deck of lewd playing cards)
Increased Moxie and high sleaze damage on a off-hand item. Requires only 22 Myst to equip.



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