Lucky-ish pill

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lucky-ish pill
lucky-ish pill

This brightly colored pill is green and light green.

Type: spleen item (awesome)
Toxicity: 1
Level required: 7
Selling Price: 60 Meat.


(In-game plural: lucky-ish pills)
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Item number: 9706
Description ID: 839340181
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Obtained From

The eXtreme Slope
Duffel on the Double
Cosmic Ray's Bazaar (20 rare Meat isotopes; Kingdom of Exploathing path only)

When Used

You place the pill on your tongue and find bits of a clover stuck in your teeth! Wow!
Disclover.gifYou acquire an item: disassembled clover
Or, while in Bad Moon:
Meat.gifYou gain 100 Meat.
(You gain 1 Spleen.)


  • Prior to November 17, 2020, this item gave a clover even while in Bad Moon.
  • Was named a Lucky Pill prior to January 2022.


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