Lucky Tam O'Shatner

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lucky Tam O'Shatner
lucky Tam O'Shatner

This... is some kind of... beret... with a... fuzzy ball on... the top of it. Your... familiar can wear it at... a jaunty angle. Then... you could... say "Jaunty Tam O'Shatner" over and over... again. Try it, it's... fun!

Type: familiar equipment
Familiar: any
Cannot be discarded

+50% Meat from Monsters

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: lucky Tams O'Shatner)
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Item number: 1539
Description ID: 371800199
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Obtained From

lucky Tam O'Shanter


  • Equips on any familiar except for the Comma Chameleon.
  • This item's enchantment used to be +10 lbs of Leprechaun.
  • The image for this item is identical to that of the lucky Tam O'Shanter, but horizontally flipped; the name, Omat.gif, is a reversal of the lucky Tam O'Shanter's image name, which is Tamo.gif.
  • The only things added to the original Tam O'Shanter messages are randomly placed ellipses and, rarely, the text "Khaaaaaaaaaan!" at the end -- any existing references to the lucky Tam O'Shanter are unchanged. Example:
    • Tam O'Shanter: Your Snowy Owl rotates its head 180 degrees and winks at you from under the Tam O'Shanter.
    • Tam O'Shatner: Your Snowy Owl rotates its head 180 degrees... and winks... at you from... under the Tam O'Shanter.


  • All messages are based on those from the lucky Tam O'Shanter but with random pauses inserted, imitating the speech style of Captain James T. Kirk, who was portrayed by William Shatner.
  • The "Khaaaaaaaaaan!" refers to a particularly well-known scene from the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • Likely a reference to Invasion Iowa, in which Shatner convinces everyone in town to wear "Shats" a type of reversible beret he claimed to have invented. This is also likely why the picture and picture file name are both reversed.

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