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Low Key Summer is the Summer 2020 special challenge path, introduced on May 15th, 2020. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Travel to out-of-the-way locations. Variety is key!"


  • Your adventure begins with Low-Key Summer.
  • The Sorceress has removed her contest registration table and hedge maze, but her tower door requires far more than the usual six keys (you still need the original six keys).
  • Each key can be found after spending 11 turns in the location where it drops. The key will be dropped in a non-combat adventure on the 12th turn.
  • All of the regular Council Quests still need to be completed. Attempting to open the door after using all the keys fails if the Council quests are not complete.
  • You cannot enter The Sea. Clicking An Old Man gives the following message:
    That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.

Locks and Keys

Lock Key Enchantment Location
Rabbit-Eared Lock rabbit's foot key All Attributes +10 The Dire Warren
Boney Lock actual skeleton key Damage Absorption +100
Damage Reduction: 10
The Skeleton Store
Cactus-Shaped-Hole Lock cactus key Maximum HP +20
Regenerate 9-10 HP per adventure
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
Overgrown Lock discarded bike lock key Maximum MP +10
Regenerate 4-5 MP per adventure
The Overgrown Lot
Mine Cart Shaped Lock knob shaft skate key Regenerate 9-12 HP and MP per adventure
+3 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
The Knob Shaft
Taco Locko aquí Serious Hot Resistance (+3)
+15 Hot Damage
+30 Damage to Hot Spells
South of the Border
Frigid Lock ice key Serious Cold Resistance (+3)
+15 Cold Damage
+30 Damage to Cold Spells
The Icy Peak
Bat-Winged Lock batting cage key Serious Stench Resistance (+3)
+15 Stench Damage
+30 Damage to Stench Spells
The Bat Hole Entrance
Antlered Lock weremoose key Serious Spooky Resistance (+3)
+15 Spooky Damage
+30 Damage to Spooky Spells
Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 2
Loaf of Bread with Keyhole deep-fried key Serious Sleaze Resistance (+3)
+15 Sleaze Damage
+30 Damage to Sleaze Spells
Madness Bakery
Polka Dotted Lock clown car key +10 Spooky Damage
+10 Stench Damage
+10 Hot Damage
+10 Cold Damage
+10 Sleaze Damage

+10 to Monster Level
The "Fun" House
Lockenmeyer Flask knob labinet key +20% to all Muscle Gains
Muscle +5
-1 MP to use Skills
Infernal Lock demonic key +20% to all Mysticality Gains
Mysticality +5
-1 MP to use Skills
Pandamonium Slums
Junky Lock scrap metal key +20% to all Moxie Gains
Moxie +5
-1 MP to use Skills
The Old Landfill
Lock with one Eye peg key +5 Stat(s) Per Fight The Obligatory Pirate's Cove
Boat Prow Lock f'c'le sh'c'le k'y +20 to Monster Level
All Attributes +5%
The F'c'le
Barnacley Lock treasure chest key +30% Item Drops from Monsters
+30% Meat from Monsters
Anchovy Can anchovy can key +100% Food Drops from Monsters The Haunted Pantry
Golden Lock knob treasury key +20% Pickpocket Chance
+50% Meat from Monsters
Cobb's Knob Treasury
Trolling Lock kekekey +50% Meat from Monsters The Valley of Rof L'm Fao
Spooky Lock black rose key +5 to Familiar Weight
+2 Familiar Experience Per Combat
The Haunted Conservatory
Sausage with a Hole key sausage Monsters will be much less attracted to you. Cobb's Knob Kitchens
Crib-Shaped Lock music box key Monsters will be much more attracted to you. The Haunted Nursery


For the most part, this challenge path is normal aside from the extra turns that must be spent in various zones that are often outside the beaten path. Success depends on minimizing the impact this has by coordinating various objectives to make use of the time spent in such zones while maximizing turngen to compensate for the extra turns required. This will inevitably make leveling up less of a concern than usual.

In addition, the keys themselves are accessories that potentially provide some useful enchantments. You do not need to use them right away, so it is better to keep ones with useful enchantments on hand, or potentially seek them out earlier than usual. This is especially important for ascenders with fewer permed skills or IotMs to rely on.

The Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™'s free fights against sausage goblins and the Pocket Professor's Lecture on relativity to duplicate such fights are especially useful, while angry ghosts from the Voting Booth can allow you to make better use of the extra adventures spent in such zones.

The latte lovers member's mug and Iunion Crown both benefit from the greater variety in zones visited, offering more versatile enchantments to draw upon compared to a normal ascension.

Some sidequests will require some attention in order to obtain some of the keys involved.

Low-Key Location Strategy

This section will address noteworthy enchantments for the keys, mug and crown while also providing specific information about strategizing the zones they are found in.

Key Zone Special Access Requirements Noteworthy Enchantments Notes
rabbit's foot key The Dire Warren
actual skeleton key The Skeleton Store
cactus key The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert Reading your father's MacGuffin diary
discarded bike lock key The Overgrown Lot
knob shaft skate key The Knob Shaft Defeat the Knob Goblin King
  • Best acquired during the first day of your ascension
aquí South of the Border
ice key The Icy Peak Completing the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest
batting cage key The Bat Hole Entrance
  • Ideal to unlock the mug ingredient early
weremoose key Cobb's Knob Menagerie, Level 2 Cobb's Knob Menagerie key
deep-fried key Madness Bakery
clown car key The "Fun" House Epic Weapon
knob labinet key Laboratory Defeat the Knob Goblin King
  • Key provides +20% to Muscle gains
demonic key Pandamonium Slums Complete the Friars' Quest
scrap metal key The Old Landfill
  • The adventures spent here can be used to make a junk junk
peg key The Obligatory Pirate's Cove
f'c'le sh'c'le k'y The F'c'le Complete Insult Beer Pong
treasure chest key Belowdecks Complete the Cap'm Caronch Quest and get It's Always Swordfish
anchovy can key The Haunted Pantry
knob treasury key Cobb's Knob Treasury
kekekey The Valley of Rof L'm Fao Complete the Orc Chasm Quest
black rose key The Haunted Conservatory
  • Key is recommended to acquire early on for the powerful enchantment
key sausage Cobb's Knob Kitchens
  • Key is recommended to acquire early on for the powerful enchantment
music box key The Haunted Nursery Unlock the third floor of Spookyraven Manor


  • Finishing a Low-Key Summer run while it is the current special challenge path -- between May 15th, 2020, and August 15th, 2020 -- gives players 50 (in Normal) or 100 (in Hardcore) extra karma points the next time they visit Valhalla.
  • Finishing a Low-Key Summer run also gives a Manual of Lock Picking. On August 17th, 2020, an announcement was made saying "* The reward still drops and this is intended. It will continue to drop until the normal Standard cycle for this item would end (until January 2023).", which is most likely due to how mandatory/important the granted skill may become for speed ascension during this period. However, as of February 2024 the manual is still dropping.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold keyhole spider statuette upon defeating the Naughty Sorceress.
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