Love Mixology

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Ingredients/number range.

Love Mixology

Love Mixology

Type: Noncombat
Cost: 50

You sort of know how to make love potions. Kind of.

Summon a random Love Potion (only one at a time)

Source: Love Potions and the Wizards who Mix Them
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
When Used:
You grab some (ingredient), some (ingredient), and some (ingredient) and then shake them all up in a little bottle. That's... probably something.
Potion9.gifYou acquire an item: Love Potion #XYZ


  • The number of the love potion is a random positive integer. So far observed to be between 4093 and 99,607; exact range needs spading.
  • Can be summoned multiple times a day, but only if you don't have a Love Potion in inventory AND you don't have the Tainted Love Potion effect.
  • The ingredients in the use text are randomized between:
    • <part> of <animal> - e.g. stomach of pig, brain of beaver, heart of giraffe, liver of penguin
    • <fruit/type> juice - e.g. raspberry juice, cherry juice, honeydew juice, skunk juice, ghost juice
    • <type> water - e.g. boiling water, sewer water, unholy water, ice water
    • <psylum> squeezings - e.g. goblin squeezings, fish squeezings
    • <temperature> coffee - e.g. iced coffee, scalding coffee
    • 2% milk
    • amaretto
    • bubbling tar
    • chilled vodka
    • ectoplasm
    • filthy dishwater
    • flop sweat
    • gazpacho soup
    • glacial runoff
    • hair oil
    • hot chicken broth
    • hyssop
    • lemonade
    • mud wrestling mud
    • nutmeg
    • personal lubricant
    • pomade
    • scotch
    • spoiled milk
    • sriracha
    • trucker urine
    • porter
    • red Kool-aid
    • sage
    • spearmint
    • stout
    • vampire bat guano
    • vinegar
    • vodka
    • werewolf spit
    • whale blubber