Louvre It or Leave It (The Scream)

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You step off the stairs and through a doorway, and find yourself standing at the end of a bridge. The sky swirls with an ominous crimson haze.

A bald man in a shapeless black robe stands in the middle of the bridge with his hands to his face, screaming. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
"Hey buddy, what's wrong?" you ask.
"Seriously, what's the problem?"
"How do you do that without stopping to breathe?"

Shaking your head, you cross the bridge to another stairway, leaving the guy to his dementia.

Take the stairs <direction>
Take the stairs <direction>
Take the stairs <direction>

Occurs during Louvre It or Leave It.


  • Prior to May 14, 2014, this adventure used to have a choice ID of 97 with different results.


  • The Scream is a world-renowned painting by artist Edvard Munch. It is presently on display at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.
  • The description here refers to the common belief that the picture in the figure is screaming. The alternative interpretation, which is more consistent with Munch's mental state at the time of painting, is that the figure is blocking out the sound of screaming, hence the hands covering their ears.