Louvre It or Leave It (The Hay Wain)

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You step off of the stairs and through a doorway, and find yourself standing next to a small pond near a farmhouse. The farmer has somehow gotten his cart stuck in the middle of the pond, and is arguing with his horse, who doesn't seem inclined to move.

"You need a hand with your cart?" you ask.

"Hey, Wayne," he replies.

"Er, hi, but my name isn't Wayne."

"What? No, I mean the... never mind. Yes, if you could help me get it out of this sinkhole I'd be much obliged. Durned lawn sprinklers sprung a gasket and flooded the yard."

You help him push his cart back onto dry land. It's a pretty good workout.

You leave through the doorway you arrived through, and find yourself back in the Gallery.

You gain X Strongness.

Occurs during Louvre It or Leave It.


  • The stat gain scales to your mainstat. If it is 66 or less, you gain 4*<mainstat> Muscle substat; with 67 or more mainstat, you get <mainstat>+200; in both cases the gain is capped at 300 substats.


  • The Hey, Wayne Hay Wain is a famous British painting by John Constable. It's currently on display at London's National Gallery.
  • A wain is a sort of horse-drawn wagon, generally used to carry heavy loads on or around farms. Thus, a haywain is a wain used to haul hay.