Louvre It or Leave It (The Creation of Adam)

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You step off the stairs and through a doorway. Inexplicably, you find yourself in the middle of a green field. An apathetic-looking naked man lounges on top of a hill, conversing with a hovering gentleman with a white beard and robe.

"What do you mean, you're bored?" says the man with the beard.

"I mean there's nothing to do here," says the naked guy. "Just green fields everywhere, and all these stupid animals. I mean, fine, I thought up names for all of them, that kept me busy for a couple days. Now what?"

"So the miracle of life and free will isn't enough for you?"

"What good is free will if I'm just scratching my butt and taking naps all day long? Look, can't you make a bar, or some chicks or something?"

"I'm not waving a magic wand here, this creation stuff is complicated. The paperwork is unbelievable."

The two men grumble and pace about for a moment. You decide to duck back into the doorway before you're spotted. As you leave, you hear the bearded one speak again: "Hey, Adam."


"Pull my finger."

Take the stairs <direction>
Take the stairs <direction>
Take the stairs <direction>

Occurs during Louvre It or Leave It.


  • Prior to May 14, 2014, this adventure used to have a choice ID of 909 with different results.


  • The Creation of Adam is the iconic fresco centerpiecing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and is arguably Michelangelo's most famous work. Interestingly, this piece isn't at the center of the ceiling; The Creation of Eve is.
  • Adam giving names to the animals refers to Genesis 2:19.
  • Pull my finger is a classic scatological joke meme. It works on the premise that the pulling of the finger is the trigger for an episode of flatulence.