Louvre It or Leave It (Dogs Playing Poker)

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You step off of the stairs and through a doorway, and find yourself in someone's den. Several dogs are sitting around a table, playing poker. Okay, you've seen stranger things.

They invite you to sit in for a few rounds, and you proceed to beat the pants off of them. Well, they're not wearing pants, but you get my drift. Unfortunately, it turns out that they're only playing for dog biscuits, but it's still good practice. Moxious!

As you leave the room, you find yourself back in the Gallery.

You gain X Smarm.

Occurs during Louvre It or Leave It.


  • The gain is scaled to your mainstat, to the tune of (3x mainstat + 1), capped at 200 substats.


  • Dogs Playing Poker is actually a series of paintings by C.M. Coolidge. The most famous of these paintings, A Friend in Need, has replicas in college dorm rooms and bachelor pads across the world.