Lost in Space... Ship

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

Lost in Space... Ship
Lost in Space... Ship

Using your alien force field disruptor bean, you press through the force field surrounding the ship and step inside. The bean, unfortunately, does not survive the process.

A weird antigravity tunnel leads upwards into the more important-seeming areas of the ship, a dark staircase leads down into the ship's basement, and a door that looks a lot like the door to your kitchen leads into what you can only assume is the ship's kitchen.

Actually, I forgot that the ship is tilted at like a 45-degree angle. So when I said upwards, pretend that I said diagonally upwards. And when I said downwards, imagine that I said... normal sideways, I guess? Stairs are weird, if you think about it.

Head up the grav-chute
You step into the grav-tube and bang your head on it as it tries to propel you upwards against gravity that isn't pointed downwards.

Head into the kitchen
You walk diagonally into the kitchen.

Head down the stairs
With your trusty government-issue night-vision goggles on, you fearlessly descend into the bowels of the ship. Ha ha. Bowels.

(Lead to The Spacement)

  • Otherwise:
It's too dark down... over... in there to see.

Occurs at The Crash Site of an Alien Spaceship From Space.


  • Choosing the third option without the night-vision goggles equipped does not end the adventure.


  • This zone was a part of the May 24th 2014 Twitch Livestream World Event.
  • For a few hours intro the stream, this choice adventure did not have a proper name, being "[inside the spaceship]".