Lost and Found and Lost Again (Trench)

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Lost and Found and Lost Again
Lost and Found and Lost Again

As you're puttering around the trench, you notice some movement out of the corner of your eye, on a ledge about a third of the way down.

You move closer to investigate, and see a wizened-looking Sea Monkee, kneeling and studying something on the surface of the ledge. Judging by his apparent age (and gender) you conclude that this is, in fact, the Grandpa you're looking for.

"Hey there! Old man!" you say, before realizing that sound doesn't travel far enough underwater for him to be able to hear you. You move closer to say it again, but before you can get to him, he abruptly stands up and steps off the ledge, disappearing deeper into the trench.

Occurs at The Marinara Trench.