Lord of the Flies

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The pirates discover a small island at the given coordinates, and you set out in a rowboat to investigate. You find a small group of young boys in torn and ragged school uniforms. Some of them are preparing to stab the fat kid to death with pointy sticks, so you pick up a conch shell and thump a couple of them on the head with it until they're paying attention to you. Then you teach them all about wedgies and indian burns, and leave them, if not civilized, at least a bit less violent. Moxious!

As you sail away in the pirate ship, it occurs to you that you could have given the kids a lift back to the mainland. Oh well, whatever.

You gain 250-350 Cheek.


(13,91); (44,51); (85,35); (94,65); (115,14)


  • The Island of the Kids of the Lord of the Flies is a reference to the novel The Lord of the Flies wherein children are stranded on a deserted island, and all civilization breaks down.

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