Loathing Legion universal screwdriver

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Loathing Legion universal screwdriver
Loathing Legion universal screwdriver

Since the Legionnaires were intended to be universal soldiers, it made sense to give them universal screwdrivers.

Given the limits of screwdriver technology in the Kingdom, however, 'universal' doesn't mean 'can be used to assemble things.'

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Loathing Legion universal screwdrivers)
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Item number: 4926
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Obtained From

Using the Loathing Legion knife or any one of its switchable forms

When Used

You jam your screwdriver into your <Object> and pry it apart.


  • Allows Untinkering, but with "Unscrew" instead of "Untinker".
  • As one might expect, is not usable in Hardcore mode.


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