Loathing Legion tattoo needle

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Loathing Legion tattoo needle
Loathing Legion tattoo needle

This is an [sic] needle with a little reservoir of black ink attached. Loathing Legionnaires used it to tattoo each other with the Legion's unofficial motto, which is also the one thing you should never call a Legionnaire: "Tardus Pro Cena."

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Loathing Legion tattoo needles)
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Item number: 4918
Description ID: 376615126
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Obtained From

Using the Loathing Legion knife or any one of its switchable forms

When Used

  • First use:
You grit your teeth and use the needle to pledge your allegiance to the Loathing Legion.
Lltat.gif You have unlocked a new tattoo.
  • Subsequent uses:
You've already got a Loathing Legion tattoo.


  • You should apparently never call a Legionnaire "late for dinner". This is a reference to an old joke used when somebody is uncertain how to address a person who has a rank or title: "You can call me whatever you like, just don't call me late for dinner!"


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