Loathing Idol Microphone

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Loathing Idol Microphone
Loathing Idol Microphone

With this microphone, you can take the stage and sing your heart out for a chance to impress the judges and win the votes of millions of Loathers for the title of next Loathing Idol. (Grammy awards not guaranteed; that's on you.)

The battery is fully charged.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: Loathing Idol Microphones)
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Item number: 11263
Description ID: 650153685
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Obtained From

2002 Mr. Store

When Used

Takes you to Sing!
Each use of Sing! lets you choose one of the following buffs to receive 30 turns of:
Song Effect Notes
Pop Song Poppy Performance +100% Combat Initiative
Moxie +50%
Soulfull Ballad Romantically Roused +5% Combat Frequency
Rhymes Spitting Rhymes Never Fumble
+50% Item Drops from Monsters
Country Twang Twangy Stupendous (+4) Stench Resistance
Stupendous (+4) Sleaze Resistance
+3 Stats per Fight




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