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How much is too drunk?

llama lama gong
llama lama gong

This is a gong, one of the few musical instruments with a name that's also an onomatopoeia. Think about it: you don't call a tuba a "blat," or a clarinet a "doodledoodledoodle." But think what a better world it would be if you did.

Anyway, this gong is infused with the mystical energy of the llama lama, and its sound will guide you on a journey of reincarnation and karmic retribution.

Type: potion
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: llama lama gongs)
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Obtained From

Dropped after combat by a Llama Lama (Up to 5 a day)

When Used

You try to bang the gong, but the mallet keeps falling out of your hand. Maybe you should try it later, when you've sobered up a little.
  • If you have fewer than three adventures left:
You don't have time to bang a gong. Nor do you have time to get it on, or to get it on.
You try to ring the gong, but you get distracted by some of the weird colors you're seeing in your Half-Astral state.
You're already in the middle of a journey of reincarnation.
  • Otherwise:
The Gong Has Been Bung
The Gong Has Been Bung


  • The gong cannot be used when you are overdrunk or have 20 or more Drunkenness, are Half-Astral, or have fewer than three adventures.



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