Livin' Large

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Livin' Large

Livin' Large

You have a gangsta rap song stuck in your head. Even though you know mo' meat brings mo' problems, you're still all about the hamethysts (what? what?). Just try to resist the urge to put spinning rims on your bitchin' meat car, or on your toaster.

+10% Meat from Monsters

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Effect number: 230
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  • In the description, "mo' meat brings mo' problems" is a play on the rap song "Mo Money Mo Problems" from Notorious B.I.G.'s album entitled Life After Death.
  • Also, "you're still all about the hamethysts" is a play the Puff Daddy rap song, "It's All About the Benjamins".
  • The "or on your toaster" comment is in reference to a Chris Rock standup comedy act in which he mentions that "a brother would put rims on a toaster if you let him."

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