Live from Dungeon Prison

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Live from Dungeon Prison
Live from Dungeon Prison

You're in the cell block of the castle's dungeon. All of the cells are locked except for one, and it contains nothing except a toilet and a bare metal cot.

Flush the toilet
You flush the toilet. The moaning fades into silence, a soft "thank yooooou" being the last thing you hear. The dungeon seems significantly less scary with that moaning gone.

(No more Spooky monsters will appear in the castle)

Do some pushups

You do some pushups, then you do some more pushups, then you take a little break, then you do some more pushups. Prison is boring.

You gain 530 Strengthliness.

Take a nap
You take a nap. For a bare metal cot, this thing is surprisingly comfortable. You wake up refreshed and relaxed.
MPYou gain 10,000 Mana Points.

In the world's least exciting prison break, you walk out the door and go back to the dungeon.

Occurs at The Dreadsylvanian Dungeon in Dreadsylvanian Castle.