Little blob of gray goo

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Little blob of gray goo
Monster ID 1248
Hit Points 45
Attack 36
Defense 40
Initiative 40
Meat unknown
Phylum horror
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts unknown
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
little blob of gray goo You're fighting a little blob of gray goo

Veins bulge at your temples as you mentally command the nanobots in your brain to destroy your opponent. They dutifully stream out of your ears and swarm toward your foe, treating you to an exceptionally disturbing display as its cells are disassembled into their component atoms -- starting with the skin, then muscles, skeleton, organs... soon there's nothing left of your opponent but a blob of gray goo on the floor. Gray goo that unexpectedly begins to ooze toward you and attack. I guess being painfully disintegrated causes one heck of a grudge.

Hit Message(s):

Some of the blobs atoms bond with some of yours, removing them from you. (This doesn't heal the blob, because the combined atoms form things like carbon dioxide and methane, and float away.)

Miss Message(s):

Some of the blob's atoms try to bond with you, but you just aren't interested.

The blob flails at you ineffectually with a clumsily-extruded tentacle.

The blob tries to dissolve some of your skin, but misses. Whew! You were worried about your tattoo for a second there.

The blob tries to punch you, momentarily forgetting that it doesn't have a fist any more. Assuming it ever did.

After Combat