Little Chickadee

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Trophy Number: 37
Image Filename: no_well_ten_beers.gif

Little Chickadee
Little Chickadee

This trophy is earned by achieving 1000 or more drunkenness.

Little Chickadee You're entitled to the "Little Chickadee" trophy, for being too drunk to even see it.


  • You must have at least 1000 drunkenness at the time you purchase the trophy. Rollover resets drunkenness levels and will also remove the unpurchased trophy from the Trophy Hut.
  • The Dungeons of Doom potion that gives your particular player 1-3 drunkenness is the most logical and cost effective way to go about reaching 1000 inebriety. See the Talk Page for the numbers, if you're curious.
  • 668 scrolls and Yummy Tummy beans can also give drunkenness over the normal limit, but the scrolls are expensive and both have other possible, often unpleasant effects.


  • "My Little Chickadee" is the catch phrase most associated with W.C. Fields, who was famous for his stage and screen persona of a sarcastic, loveable drunk.
  • The trophy's image name, "no_well_ten_beers.gif", is a reference to The Simpsons. In the episode "The Springfield Files", after Homer claims to have seen an extraterrestrial, Marge asks him "Have you been drinking?" and Homer replies, "No! ...Well, ten beers."