Little Canadia Jewelers

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Little Canadia Jewelers

This is a store where you can buy whatever you need to make jewelry, except the gems. Only players who have ascended under the Platypus, Opossum or Marmot moon signs can access this Little Canadia store.

Shopcanadian.gif Welcome to the Jewelry Store, eh? Feel free to ask any questions you may have aboot any of our fine merchandise, eh?

Items Sold

Items for sale:
Item: (click for description) Price:
— Jewelry Bits —
Post.gif piercing post 64 Meat
Chain.gif necklace chain 70 Meat
Ringset.gif ring setting 200 Meat
— Really Fancy Jewelry Bits —
Fancyring.gif extra-fancy ring setting 1,000 Meat
Fancychain.gif heavy necklace chain 1,000 Meat
Fancypost.gif precious piercing post 1,000 Meat
— Tools —
Pliers.gif jewelry-making pliers 1,000 Meat
Book3.gif Really Expensive Jewelry and You 5,000 Meat


Uh Oh!
Little Canadia Jewelers has been heavily boarded-up. You nudge aside a zombie scratching at the window and take a peek between the boards, but you can't see anything but shadows.

"Hello in there?" you call. "I'd like to buy a ring or something? And not eat your brains at all!"

Unsurprisingly, there's no answer.