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This is a categorical list of Greasemonkey scripts created for KoL. Some may be outdated and no longer function, and when used in conjunction, many will likely not work. Script makers tend to be a helpful bunch, and a simple request for compatibility through PM, in the forums, or in-game will usually rectify most problems. Remember, these scripts are not an official part of KoL and therefore are not the responsibility of the KoL devs. Do not submit in-game bug reports or make separate posts in the forum asking for help with any specific script; most scripts already have their own thread.

In-depth instructions on using Greasemonkey are available at this forum post, courtesy of Aprocalypse.

For a more general description of KoL-related tools, see Tools.

Spoiler Related

Adventure Information

Adventure Advisor - Author: Tard (updated by SomeStranger)

  • Displays Zone and Monster Info (Tools > User Script Commands > Tard's Adventure Advisor). Calculates To Hit and Be Hit percentages based on your Moxie and attack stats.
  • Records which squares you've visted and the result in the Typical Tavern.
  • Automatically checks for newer script versions (requires Framework).

Auto Adventure Again - Author: Plater

  • Attempts to adventure again after a combat/choice adventures, stopping on a settable adventure count. (Interface is a tab in the Options section). Should work with compact charpane.

Auto Fighters - (forum) Author: clump

  • Plays fighters of fighting for you, ensuring a flawless victory.

Auto Fist! - (forum) Author: clump

  • Plays Dungeon Fist! for you for, ensuring an optimal outcome.

Bad Moon Minder - Author: clump

  • Adds a page to your quest log showing special bad moon adventures, including brief spoiler info, links to wiki pages, and links to adventure locations.
  • Keeps track of which bad moon adventures have been encountered in the current ascension.

Battlefield Counter - (forum) Author: JHunz (updated by Charon)

  • Tracks the exact number of hippies and fratboys killed on the Battlefield during the level 12 quest.
  • Also tracks sidequest progress, tracks the total meat during the nuns, and adds spoilers for the Junkyard quest.

Bee-ware - (forum) Author: Charon

  • Highlights items with the letter 'b' in the name for Beecore ascensions.

Cake-Shaped Arena Trainer - Author: Tard (updated by Hellion)

  • Chooses the optimal opponent and event in the Cake-Shaped Arena.

Choice Adventure Rewards - (forum) Author: Tard (updated by Hellion)

  • Modifies the buttons on all choice adventures and buff areas to display in detail what you will get by clicking on that button.
  • Automatically checks for newer script versions (requires Framework).

Convenient StarChart - (HCO forum) Author: FishyBug

  • Displays an image and needed stars and lines for each star chart item.
  • Adds a clickable [make] link for each item; greys out items you don't have enough stars or lines for.

Crimbo Toy Factory - Author: Plater

  • Stores your selected crimbot configuration. Automatically remembers your choices for moving around the factory. Check account settings for options. Version2: Lets you auto crimbot for X number of turns.

Desert Safety - Author: Wolffauer

  • Helps you safely adventure in the Arid, Extra Dry Desert by keeping track of your hydration and providing a link to the Oasis when it is time to rehydrate.

Drawn Onward - Author: holatuwol

  • Auto-selects the correct choices in the dropdowns for the Drawn Onward adventure.

Dwarf Runes - Author: Plater

  • Displays the alphabetical rune names from the warehouse, displays formula results from the dormitory. Both sets are stored for viewing on the account page. Alphabetical rune results are solved for item types (Example: "miner's pants = Dwarf Rune N").
  • Places a Base10 <=> Base7 converter on the account page. Script can solve digit runes with enough sample data.

GameInformer Dungeon - Author: Plater

  • Saves the important bits from the walkthrough, displays correct choice answers and maze solution

Instant Chess - Author: Jik4eva

  • Solves chess puzzles to get queen cookies.

Instant Maze - Author: Jik4eva

  • Clicks through the lava maze for you.

Meteoid Path Finder - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds pathfinding to the mini-map in Meteoid, allowing you to click on a pre-visited location and automatically go there.

MonsterStats - (forum) Author: Naltrexone (updated by Irregular)

  • Adds monster information to fight pages (HP, XP, item and meat drop).

Nemesis Spoilers - Author: Jik4eva

  • Pre-selects items and auto-solves the password in the Nemesis Quest.

NS Gates - Author: Plater

  • Lists the solution for the 3gates at the start of the NS lair

Pyramid Deratter - Author: Jik4eva

  • Removes the link from the lower chamber when it is showing a rats adventure.

Show Dwarf Runes - Author: Club

  • Appends "(word N)" or "(# N)" text to Dwarven rune images. Summarizes results each of round in the dice game. (This makes it easier to collect the information needed to solve the puzzle.)

Strange Cube Solving Helper - (forum) Author: Ultimater)

  • Solves 15 puzzles for the strange cube demon name.

Tower Monsters - (forum) Author: Plater

  • Auto-selects the correct item to defeat a tower monster; provides a wiki link for missing items.

Way of the Surprising Fist Minder - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds an entry to the end of your current and completed quests showing the Way of the Surprising Fist encounters you have yet to encounter and have already encountered.

Wumpus Hunter - Author: RavenBlack

  • Marks the buttons in the "Hunt The Wumpus" minigame based on what you have learned about them (eg. marks all adjacent rooms "safe" if you are in a room with no warnings; marks potential pits/bats/wumpi and corrects them to certain pits/bats/wumpi when possible). Omits use of the knowledge that there are precisely two pits and two bats.


Absinthe Minder - (forum) Author: JHunz (updated by Charon)

  • This script reduces/eliminates Green Pixie micromanagement.

Auto PVP - Author: stannius

  • Repeatedly clicks on PVP's "A Fighter is You!" button until you run out of fights.

Battle Checker - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds the image numbers of the frat/hippy sides in the wartime battlefield to the charpane (below character portrait).
  • Updates the count automatically every time the charpane is refreshed (except during actual combat).

Birdform Attack Counter - Author: antimarty

  • Counts talon slashes and wing buffets to help you get the Glimmering Roc Feather while in birdform. Supports the elemental attacks for other glimmering feathers and counts daily gong drops. Invisible if not in birdform.
  • Also counts absinthe drops, astral mushroom drops, spooky putty sheet uses, navel ring runaways, bandersnatch runaways, agua de vida drops, hobo underling summons, etc.

Consumption Tracker - (forum) Author: JHunz (updated by Charon)

  • Tracks fullness and spleen and displays them in the character pane.
  • Warns when the drink you are drinking will cause you to overdrink.

Fortune Cookie Script - Author: antimarty

  • Adds a countdown timer for semi-rare adventures to the character pane. Pops up a warning box when a semi-rare adventure is due. Auto-sets when eating a fortune cookie; can be manually set by user.
  • If you are using Firefox 4 or higher, you must go into options -> Scripts and disable use of popups. The default settings will fire a javascript alert that silently breaks the chat pane until the browser is restarted.

Forum Despoiler - Author: JHunz

  • Turns black spoiler boxes on the KoL forums into gray boxes.

Hedge Maze Solver - Author: scutterman

  • Auto-solves the hedge maze if the "Auto-Solve" link next to the "use" link is clicked.

Hobo Binder Tracker - Author: clump

  • Lists and numbers missing entries in the hobo code binder section of your quest log, as well as an equip binder link.

Insult Tracker - Author: JHunz

  • Counts and tracks which insults have been received for Insult Beer Pong.

IotM Summon/Familiar Drop Spoilers - (forum) Author: Psy

  • Adds spoilers to items summoned from IotM Spells and dropped by IotM Familiars and Gear (based on Jik4evas Love Song Spoiler script (below).

Lair Item Spoiler - Author: RetroFrog (updated by stufff )

  • Activates on the telescope page and at the lair gates to tell you exactly what item(s) you need, whether you have them, and where to get them.

Love Song Spoiler - Author: Jik4eva

  • Spoils the effects of love songs both in the inventory and in combat.

Monster Manuel Factoid Popup - Author: antimarty

  • Adds a link to pop up the Monster Manuel factoids for the current monster, during or after combat.

Naughty Sorceress Spoiler - Author: Tard (updated by Hellion)

  • Door Code Solver.
  • Item & Familiar Checker.
  • Automatically checks for newer script versions (requires Framework).

Nun Meat - (forum) Author: clump

  • Keeps track of the amount of meat given to the nuns in the battlefield war.

Porko Solver - (forum) Author: clump

  • Shows expected, min, and max payouts as well as optimal start points for Porko.

Pulverize Groups - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by Hellion)

  • Groups pulverizeable items by expected results, displays yield information, filters by element, and adds a "pulverize max" button.

ResistanceDecoder - (forum) Author: Drachefly

  • Gives numeric ranks, protection %, and effective % boost to HP for each protection.

Semi-Rare Dropdown - Author: JHunz

  • Creates a drop-down list of semi-rares on the character pane, along with a button to go to the selected adventure.

Strange Leaflet Spoiler - Author: Tard (updated by Hellion)

  • Automatically fills in the correct answers to the Strange Leaflet. Includes stat secret word.
  • Automatically checks for newer script versions (requires Framework).

Tattoo Counter - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds a count of your tattoos to your options->account page.
  • Optionally shows all known missing tattoos; the full list is harvested when you visit the wiki Tattoo page.

Trophy Checker - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds a count of trophies you can currently purchase to the charpane (below character portrait).
  • Updates the count automatically every time the charpane is refreshed (except during actual combat).

Trophy Counter - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds a count of your trophies to your character data page (the one others can see with the trophies on it).
  • Optionally shows all known missing trophies; the full list is harvested when you visit the Trophy page.

WarHeroAlerter - Author: Rick Scott

  • Puts up large red letters if you are fighting a war hero or UR monster.

Interface and Multipurpose


Framework - Author: Tard (updated by clump)

  • Converts the framed layout to a div-css layout and iframes.
  • Ability to resize the panes.
  • Tabbed interface for Adventures, Inventory, Skills, Stores, Mall, Chat, Messages, and your own custom tabs.
  • Useful tools and shortcuts in each tab.
  • Additional tools specific to your character and ascension sign.
  • Two week Moon Calendar forecast.
  • Configuration Panel (Account Menu > Open Config Panel).
  • Chat Command box for entering commands (Press ALT-C to open).
  • Automatic updates.
  • Framework Optional Features (enable in the config panel).
    • Compact Mode Flat Navigation
      • Displays links in the menupane in compact mode as they appear in full mode.
      • Ability to add your own custom links & clickable macros.
    • Choice Adventures
      • Displays the reward for "choice" adventure options.
    • Item Tools
      • Right click on an item image in the inventory tab to get a context menu. Easily search the KoL Wiki, search the mall, autosell, move to closet, move to DC, add to your mall store, and add to clan stash.
      • Use recently acquired items while adventuring.
      • Item management tools for quick and easy bulk add/take from storage, clan stash, closet, display case.
    • Strange Leaflet Spoiler
      • Automatically fills in the commands to complete the quest. Includes stat secret word.
    • Pet Rack
      • Provides a quick and easy way to switch familiars.
      • You can specify the default equipment you want your familiar to use and/or pick on the fly.

KoL Baboon - (forum) Author: Turias

  • Replaces frames with resizable divs and iframes.
  • Adds menus for buying items from NPC stores, changing locations, skill casting.
  • Adds search fields for the KoL Wiki, Coldfront, and the mall.
  • Adds pop-up "safe adventure" moxie and moon cycle information.
  • Changes the color of the blue content tables.

Mr. Script - (forum) Author: lukifer (updated by Hellion)

  • Top Pane
    • Convenient, customizable, non-cluttered shortcut links to just about everything.
    • Always-visible Quick-Skills.
    • Split inventory, quest, and messages links, taking you to a different section depending on where you click.
    • Sword-guy is now a customizable shortcut link (Defaults to the skills page; right-click to change).
    • Includes support for compact mode.
    • 'Mall' link takes you directly to the mall search page by default.
  • Skills Page
    • Button to use a skill the maximum possible number of times (including healing HP to full).
    • Button to estimate numbers of MP restorers required for full.
    • Can be used from Quick-Skills by typing "m" or "x" in the number box.
    • You can also type "h" in Quick-Skills to restore only half instead.
    • Optionally keeps skills from graying out when MP is low.
  • Stores
    • Shortcuts to use or multi-use after buying.
    • Shortcuts to put on or remove outfits as needed.
    • Button to use maximum when it's relevant (Doc G's, for instance).
    • Buy permits or gum from the hermit, and a casino pass from the casino.
    • Option to auto-use ointments from Doc G's.
    • Right-Click a store proprietor's image to equip Travoltan Trousers (if you have them).
  • Gear/Outfits
    • Backs up your existing gear when swapping outfits for stores.
    • Links to backup and revert from equipment page.
    • Each gear label (Hat, Shirt, etc.) is also a link to that shelf.
    • Useful shortcuts after equipping certain outfits or gear.
  • Right-Click
    • Right-click (nearly) any item (almost) anywhere to see how many you have in your inventory.
    • Right-click MP starburst (or "MP:" in compact mode) to autofill MP with common restorers.
    • Right-click HP starburst (or "HP:" in compact mode) to auto-heal using spells.
    • Right-click your character pane image to back up your outfit.
    • Right-click poison effect to automatically un-un-unpoison.
    • Right-click Teleportitis and Cunctatitis to SGEEA.
    • Right-click chalk to use more.
  • Quests
    • Helpful spoilers in the Wine Cellar.
    • Mouseovers, ratchet links, and rat protection in the Pyramid.
    • Automatic Pirate insult collection tracking and Beerpong Spoilers.
    • Click on the walls of the Bat Hole to use sonars.
    • Auto-place shelf items in the Palindome.
    • Useful shortcuts from the Council.
    • Solves Pandamonium's Hey Deze Arena logic puzzle for you.
    • Adds links for Oasis and Desert under "Adventure Again" when it makes sense.
    • One-click blackbird/map use.
    • Telescope spoilers.
    • Optional Naughty Sorceress spoilers.
    • Mr. Alarm links to Whitey's Grove, swordfish links to Belowdecks, The Oracle to reading the plus sign, and other useful shortcuts.
    • Automatically selects the correct item for you in the nemesis cave (or tells you what you need, if you don't have it).
    • Helpful prompts and links for the entire Nemesis / Fernswarthy's process when visiting your guild.
    • Helpful mouseover hints for each corner of the new Cyrpt and for what monster has the best drop rate in Belilafs and the Hey Deze Arena.
  • Combat
    • Cues you when a gremlin shows its tool or when it shows the "I don't have the tool" message.
    • Automatically selects appropriate combat items for certain monsters:
      • Cocktail napkin for Clingy Pirates
      • Pirate Insult book for S and T pirates
      • Required item to pass tower monsters (optional; if NS spoilers are turned on)
      • Molybdenum Magnet (and rock/jam band flyers, if present) against gremlins
    • Displays pickpocketed items on the final page of combat, so you can use the RCM on them (if RCM is enabled).
    • Adds "Explore Next Square" links to the Hidden City.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Clicking in number boxes containing "1" either clears or selects the box contents.
    • Item description pop-up optionally contains a link to that item's wiki page.
    • Spoiler guesstimates and other useful links in Fernswarthy's Basement.
    • Moon images optionally link directly to the Noblesse Oblige Calendar.
    • Twinkly squares in the mines twinkle immediately.
    • Automatically refreshes the page every minute during rollover.
    • Simple confirmation of logout.
    • Optional monster level spoilers when mousing over most zones.
    • Coordinate spoilers for the Set An Open Course adventure.
    • Adjust or disable certain features from the Optionarium found on the Scripts tab in the Options window.


90% Familiar Run Checker - Author: JHunz

  • Displays the highest percentage familiar run completed with each familiar in your terrarium.

Account Helper Function - (forum) Author: Charon

  • Allows you to add a tab to the account page for settings to live on, or find that tab, if it is already there.

Artist Blocker - Author: lostcalpolydude

  • Prevents you from clicking on the Pretentious Artist.

Ascension History - Author: tenorkev

  • Combines pre-NS13 and post-NS13 ascension history into a single page.

AT Song Summary - Author: natnit

  • Gives an additional summary at the top of the charpane specifically of your running AT buffs.

Auto Refresh - Author: PazSox

  • This script refreshes the page every x seconds.

Bounty Status - Author: Tom W.M.

  • Displays the current status of your Bounty Hunter Hunter bounty in the top menu.

Character Pane Refresh Button - Author: tburke

  • Adds a button to refresh the character pane.

Charpane Timer - (forum) Author: Hellion

  • Adds timers to your character pane that accurately count down adventures and try to attract your attention as the specified number of adventures is used up.
  • Displays them at the top of your list of effects with a user-specified name, so you can remind yourself of anything.

Clover O' Matic - Author: Dom

  • Fetches the number of clovers currently available in the hermit; displays an appropriate image in the top menu.

Compact Autosale Price Sorter - Author: JHunz

  • Allows sorting of the compact autosale screen alphabetically, or by price (ascending or descending).

Crypt Reminder - (forum) Author: lostcalpolydude

  • Provides hover text over each crypt zone to remind you what to do in the zone.

Display Case Script - Author: TrashF

  • Adds a list of inventory items that you don't have in your display case to your collection management page.
  • Also adds the maximum amount of boxes for semi-automatic display case insertion.

Display Case Shelves Modifier - Author: bum51

  • This script makes it easier to reorganize your display case. When shelves are switched using drag and drop, items will automatically follow the shelves.

Don't Do A Deandra - Author: Jik4eva

  • You wouldn't want to wear the Mega Gem for the rest of the quest, would you?

Extra Inventory Links - Author: Club

  • Adds [multiuse], [star chart], and [roll sushi] links after [sell stuff] on inventory pages.

Fake Hand Summary - Author: DaCyclops

  • Compresses multiple fake hands in players' profiles with a single hand, followed by the number of fake hands they're wearing.

Familiar Checker - Author: JiK4eva

  • Provides a report on which familiars you have available.

Familiar Early Warning System - (forum) Author: clump

  • Helps with 100% familiar runs when you need to temporarily switch familiars for quest purposes. Nags you repeatedly to switch back to a specified familiar whenever you do something without that familiar.

Familiar Totaliser - Author: tenorkev

  • Shows the total familiar weight in the terrarium (useful for some trophies).

Flea(s) Market - Author: Whumples (updated by clump)

  • Allows you to add multiples of a single item to the Flea Market.

Flower Hunter - Author: holatuwol

  • Adds the ability to automatically hit players from the PvP search page.

Flowers, Eh? - Author: CDMoyer

  • Highlights any flower picking and canadianity minigame results in your PvP messages.

ForumBaleet - Author: lukifer

  • Creates hide links for posts and users on the KoL forums.

Fruit Factory - Author: clump

  • Adds a convenient button to restock the pneumatic tube interface after duplicating a fruit in Professor Jacking's Laboratory.

GAP Picker - Author: Charon

  • Makes choosing powers from the Greatest American Pants a breeze.

GGG and Spirit Hobo Charge Tracker - (forum) Author: natnit

  • Makes it very difficult to miss the nearly-empty and empty attack messages of the Spirit Hobo and Green Gluttonous Ghost by presenting helpful reminders in bold red font.

Hagnk's Favourites - (forum) Author: clump (updated by Charon)

  • Adds the ability to save and restore sets of selections (pull lists) in the Hagnk's interface.

Hatter Buffer - Author: Charon

  • Places a button on the equipment page which shows available Mad Hatter Tea Party buffs based on what hats you have in your inventory.

Hobolinker - Author: PazSox

  • Adds links to hobopolis and other areas to the top pane.

ImageFecalator - (forum) Author: Gnat

  • Removes all src references to and points them to a local file. Shows a broken images icon if this file is blank.

In-Game Radio GKoL Player - (forum) Author: Pseudo (updated by journe)

  • Inserts a flash app into the menupane that streams Radio GKoL.

Inventory Link - Author: adiabatic

  • Links your name in the character pane to your inventory.

Inventory Zap Stuff Button - Author: JHunz

  • Adds a zap stuff button to the row of action buttons in the inventory.

I Wanna Custom Avatar - Author: PazSox

  • Allows users to have their own custom avatar shown on their character sheet.

Kmail Areas - Author: AmandaKerik

  • Puts a master menu above all areas that relate to Kmail.

KoL Locations - Author: Turias

  • Adds a long list of visitable locations to the menupane.

KoL Moons - Author: Turias

  • Mousing over the moons in the upper frame causes a pop-up that shows the schedule of upcoming stat days to appear.

KoL Search - Author: Turias

  • Adds search fields for the KoL Wiki, Coldfront, and the mall to the menupane.

KoL Safe Adventuring - Author: Turias (updated by SketchySolid)

  • Mousing over your moxie in the character pane causes a pop-up to appear showing a list of all zones and the moxie you need to have to adventure there safely.

KoL Toolbar - Author: Turias

  • Adds useful links to the menupane in full mode.

Make Bet - (forum) Author: crashnburn11

  • Allows you to make multiple bets of the same size in the MMG with 1 click.

Matilda! - Author: Kirkpatrick

  • Warns against adventuring again after you use a dance card.

Menubar Link kBay - (forum) Author: Jeffrey Latham

  • Adds a link to kBay to the KoL menubar.

Mining Helper - (forum) Author: Picklish

  • Removes the animation delay in "sparkly" mining squares so that they are much more obvious.

Missing Bones List - Author: phlip (updated by Xtina)

  • Adds a list of the bones you're missing to the bottom of the bone list.

MMG Bouncer - Author: phlip

  • Refuses access to the evil MMG.

MMG Favorites - Author: Azrane

  • Adds customizable bet buttons and access keys to the MMG.

Monster Level Dropdown - (forum) Author: Zamiel

  • Changes the detuned radio, MCD, or Annoy-o-Tron link in the charpane into a drop-down menu.
  • Adds the device link and drop-down menu even if the device is off.

Mushroom Planter - Author: Charon

  • Makes it much easier to plant mushrooms at the Knoll.

NEUTER - (forum) Author: natnit

  • Hides certain threads from the Gameplay-Discussion forum.
  • Give it a list of "forbidden words" to hide any thread with such words in either the title or tags from your view.

Naked Katana - Author: clump

  • Displays actual damage text for the haiku katana and other weapons when in Haiku State of Mind.

Orc House Blueprint Anti-Misclicker - Author: Kirkpatrick

  • Warns about "Adventuring Again" in the Orc House during the pirate quest.

PenPal Guilt - Author: Charon

  • Hides pen pal messages so you don't feel so guilty about not answering them.

PortraitZapper - Author: Drachefly

  • Removes your character portrait so you can see more effects.

Previous Adventures - (forum) Author: phlip (updated by MutantPickles)

  • Displays a resizable queue of links to a player's last adventure locations.

Pulverize-Malus - (HCO forum) Author: bigfreak

  • Links to the pulverize skill screen at the Malus screen in the guild hall, links to the Malus at the Pulverize skill screen, and adds a Pulverize Link in Full Mode underneath the familiar display in the charpane panel.

PVP Defaults - (HCO forum) Author: Retrofrog

  • Defaults the PvP page to choose "flowers" and the search page to "PvP=Yes", "Hardcore=Yes", and "Rank=10000".

QuickUse - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds to your charpane a list of links to use/eat/drink/equip arbitrary items.
  • Expandable button for repetitive use.
  • Configurable by user; contains an automatic update notification.

Recipe Counter - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds a count of known recipes to the top of each Discoveries page and for each subsection.
  • Adds a button for showing missing recipes; learns missing recipes automatically when you visit the wiki recipe pages.
  • Not currently compatible with inventory option "Show Inventory Images" turned off (last version checked: v3.77).

Recipe Unroller - (forum) Author: clump

  • Shows the maximum you can make of a recipe in your discoveries page.
  • Shows recursive recipe construction.

Resend as Package - Author: holatuwol

  • Refills the fields when you go to the gift page after sending a message fails.

Replace EXTREME ticker - Author: PazSox

  • This script replaces the EXTREME ticker while doing the level 8 quest with 'Level 1', 'Level 2', & 'Level 3'.

Right Click Foot Massage - Author: lagomorpho

  • Adds the option to give a player a flavored foot massage in the right click menu.

Rollover Timer - Author: phlip

  • Shows the rollover countdown timer on the charpane, even when rollover's more than 30 minutes away.

Fruit Factory - Author: clump

  • Adds a convenient button to restock the pneumatic tube interface after duplicating a fruit in Professor Jacking's Laboratory.

Show Phat Loot - Author: clump

  • Adds a button to inventory/closet interfaces to underline all items that may be stolen in PvP.

Slimeling Minder - Author: JiK4eva

  • Adds a confirmation when you give certain items to your Slimeling.

Stat to Percentage - Author: Spanner

  • Changes the progress bars on the character pane into numerical percentages.

Sticker Picker - Author: Charon

  • Makes putting scratch n sniff stickers on weaponry a breeze.

StillAlive - Author: Rick Scott

  • This script puts additional information onto the still page that will show you every drink, mixable and garnish you have, as well as the SHC drinks you can create with your current inventory and the drinks you can make if you only bought the mixer.

SwordSlayer - (forum) Author: Itamar Amith

  • Nullifies the effects of the Sword Behind Inappropriate Prepositions.

Tard's Recipes - Author: Tard (updated by Firvagor)

  • Gives you a list of items you can make when you combine, cook, make cocktails, smith, and make jewelry based on what you have available in your inventory.
  • Displays helpful information about some items.
  • Automatically checks for newer script versions (requires Framework).

Tavern Blocker - Author: lostcalpolydude

  • Prevents you from adventuring in the post-quest Typical Tavern.

The Cyrpt: Display Evilometer - Author: MutantPickles

  • Adds a link to The Cyrpt page to let you load the Evilometer inline.

Thread Killer - Author: holatuwol

  • Gives you the ability to add gameplay forum threads to your ignore list.

Throne Spoiler - Author: Hellion

  • Displays information on the Familiar page about what each familiar will do if placed into the Crown of Thrones.

To Do List with Disappearing Links - Author: AmandaKerik

  • Puts a To Do list above the character pane. Clear your browsing history to make the links visible again.

Topmenu Resizer - Author: phlip

  • Increases the text size of just the top pane to a readable size, leaving the others unaltered.

Trapper Reminder - Author: Jik4eva

  • Adds a reminder to the Trapper so you don't waste a buffed turn opening the Goatlet.

Trophy Count - Author: DaCyclops

  • Counts the number of trophies a player has visible in their profile.

Turns Played - Author: lostcalpolydude

  • Lists your turns played so far this run. Works in both compact and full modes.

UI Smoother - (forum) Author: Johan Sundström

  • Puts actions in a constant position in the page (less mouse chasing for the action link).
  • Adds KoL Wiki links to item, place and effect names.
  • Gives soft green echo eyedrop antidote "undo" links when new effects are acquired.

Useful Toplinks - Author: SomeStranger

  • Adds multiple links to the top pane; only works in full mode.

Where's My Cheeto? - Author: Jik4eva

  • Hides all PvP attack messages from your PvP inbox.

Wiki Log - (forum) Author: clump

  • Interprets your quest log text as wiki mark-up code for a large subset of wiki codes.
  • Includes a full template system.

WineScript - (forum) Author: Hellion

  • This script is a strict subset of Mr. Script, containing only the spookyraven wine cellar bottle-of-dusty-wine tracking and solving process.

Zero Quantities - (HCO forum) Author: Retrofrog

  • Makes it so that clicking on a quantity field selects all the contents before you begin to type. This way, you'll overwrite the existing data by default. Thus, typing "15" when you meant to type "5" due to the initial "1" in the box should be eliminated.

Changes to Compact Mode

Add Custom Avatar to Compact - Author: natnit

  • Adds custom avatars to compact mode.

Compact Mode Flat Navigation - Tard (updated by SomeStranger)

  • Displays links in the menupane in compact mode as they appear in full mode.
  • Automatically checks for newer script versions (requires Framework).

Happy Compact Mode - Author: SketchySolid

  • Adds extra options to the compact mode drop-down menus, including the beanstalk, spookyraven manor, market square, and the council.
  • Splits the inventory option into its component parts; makes the menus take up less space.

Less Compact Mode - Author: Picklish (updated by natnit)

  • Adds the name of an effect after its effect image in the character pane in compact mode.


Arcanodiode Bounty Day - Author: Jik4eva

  • Adds a holiday-style announcement to the main page when there is an arcanodiode bounty.

Class Checker - Author: JHunz

  • Shows a player's class on their profile page, even if they have a custom title.

ClickNope - Author: Kirkpatrick

  • Makes the Hidden Temple more accurate.

Colour Bag - Author: clump

  • Lets you change the color of inventory items' text by clicking on the text.
  • Coloring also shows in many lists such as Hagnk's, adding to the mall, the flea market, zapping, etc.

Custom Outfit De-Tagger - Author: Spanner

  • Removes the "Custom" from the beginning of custom outfits and puts it in brackets at the end.

Drink Colorizer - Author: adiabatic

  • Colors drinks so you'll know what sort of stats you'll get if you drink a drink.

Easy Select - Author: Tom W.M.

  • Improves the interface for selecting items by changing dropdowns into filterable lists.

Familiar Sorter - Author: holatuwol

  • Sorts familiars by kills, then by experience, then by name.

Familiar Unsorter - Author: holatuwol

  • Sorts familiars by experience, then by database ID.

Favouritizer - Author: lostcalpolydude

  • Replaces the word "favorite" with "favourite".

Forum Prefix Remover - Author: CDMoyer

  • Removes prefixes from the KoL forums.

Frame Position Persistence - Author: Tom W.M.

  • Remembers the position of the various panels in the UI.

Frame Resizer - Author: SketchySolid

  • This script resizes the top and side frames, and allows you modify it to meet your own needs.

Hagnk's Retro Storage - (forum) Author: Charon

  • Returns the Hagnk's storage interface to dropdown lists on the storage page.

HP Color Changer - Author: Anarch (updated by Plater)

  • Change the color of your HP/MP count based on percent of maximum.

HP & MP Bars - Author: bum51

  • Creates bars to display HP and MP status. Colors fade from start to end and are changeable in the account menu page.

Hint Rearranger - Author: phlip

  • Moves the "Yellow Exclamation Points" elsewhere, or hides them entirely.

Inline Descriptions - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by Charon)

  • Shows item, effect, familiar and skill descriptions as tooltips instead of in a different window.

IWannaColorFamiliar - (forum) Author: Gorloth

  • This script changes the familiar icons used in the game to various full-color alternatives.

IWannaDifferentFamiliar - (forum) Author: phlip

  • Allows you to "pretend" your familiar is another one.

Klumpnin's Familiars - (forum) Author: Klumpnin

  • Changes familiar images to Klumpnin's animated, color familiar images.

KoLorizer - (forum) Author: stabwound (updated by phlip)

  • Allows you to change the colors of page backgrounds and content tables.

Lego! - Author: Kirkpatrick

  • Activates copyright infringement for some Lego love.

Monster-Be-Gone - Author: SketchySolid

  • Removes monster graphics from combat, but leaves all other graphics intact.

Name the Gift Shop Guy - Author: phlip

  • Names the Gift Shop Guy randomly.

Progress Bar Coolerer - Author: SketchySolid

  • Makes the progress bars in the character pane look cooler. Click on a progress bar to toggle the style.

Re-Add Underline In Charpane - (forum) Author: Aankhen

  • Re-adds the missing underline in the Kingdom of Loathing charpane.

Side-by-Side Leaderboard - (forum) Author: Charon

  • Makes the Softcore and Hardcore Bee leaderboards appear side-by-side.

Skill Checker - Author: JiK4eva

  • Gives a visualization of permanent skills that are viewable both in your own character pane, and on other character's profiles.

Slimecrafter - Author: Jik4eva

  • Shows your "vial of" recipes in a table for easy viewing.

Tongue Changer - (forum) Author: Picklish

  • Replaces the effect images for snowcones and cupcakes with appropriately colored images.

Clan Related

Clan Activity Log ManagerAuthor: Kirkpatrick

  • Allows sections of the clan activity log to be hidden.

Clan Administrator – (forum) Author: Ultimater

  • Makes it easier for officers to manage clan members directly from their profiles without navigating through the clan roster.

Clan ChangerAuthor: DrEvi1

  • Adds a drop-down list to the top of the character pane to let you quickly switch between your whitelisted clans. Optimized to only make page refreshes when the list is requested to be loaded instead of every time.

Clan Attack ListAuthor: Wolffauer

  • Maintains a list of clans to attack and avoid attacking. Visually differentiates them on the attack page.

Clan War Egg TimerAuthor: holatuwol

  • Adds an egg timer to chat to remind you to do your next clan war.

destroyerBEACON's Clan Forum Helper - (forum) Author: destroyerBEACON

  • Unread topics will have a pleasantly-colored icon next to them, indicating that there is at least one unread post.
  • Unread posts appear with a light blue background.
  • Normal topics are given a scroll icon, and forums are given a book icon.

Hobopolis Executive SummaryAuthor: Fungo

  • Produces a table of turns spent & items distributed, totalled over all Hobopolis runs.

Hobopolis HoverAuthor: Fungo

  • Reveals what stage a zone is on when you hover over the picture.

Raid Log Manager – (forum) Author: DrEvi1

  • Puts the hobopolis, slime tube, haunted sorority house, and dreadsylvania raid logs into a more viewing friendly format. Adds loot tables, images, percent completion, quick links to adventure, etc. DrEvi1's original version (no longer working with newest Firefox).

Plater_Haunted House Raid LogAuthor: Plater

  • Quick first attempt to tally the Haunted House

Raid Log SummarizerAuthor: Fungo

  • Adds summary lines to each zone of clan dungeon raid logs.

Record MonitorAuthor: Wolffauer

  • Stores the number of clan warfare wins as seen in the Hall of Records, and then displays the difference between that stored amount and the current amount. Click the "Change" column title to reset.

Safe Dungeon CloserAuthor: natnit

  • Places the Slimetube above Hobopolis on the page.
  • Color codes the two dungeon warnings, with Slimetube = Green and Hobopolis = Red; also color codes submission buttons and makes them much larger, with some changed warning text.

Chat Related

ActiveChat - (HCO forum) Author: kolchez (updated by MutantPickles)

  • This script is similar to (and based on) CDMoyer's Tabbed Chat, with some additional functionality and a brand new interface.

Auto-Enter Chat - Author: JHunz

  • Automatically enters chat when logging in.

Bewtones - (forum) Author: Rick Scott

  • Saves chat commands as buttons in the chat pane.

Chat Control Panel - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds a small panel to the top of the chat pane that lets you enter a custom set of chat commands and fire any of them by mouse clicks.

Chat Functions - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by Charon)

  • Adds two commands to chat:
    • /tag (temporarily highlights player names)
    • /away (responds to PMs with custom messages).
  • Also adds scrollback history (scroll through the last chat you've submitted), nick-complete for player names, and phrase highlighting.

Chat Marker - Author: lagomorpho

  • Adds a timestamp into chat every 5 minutes or when you navigate away from the browser with a 60 second buffer.

Chat Misfire Blocker - (forum) Author: clump (updated by Ultimater)

  • Prevents common chat misfires proceeded by a backslash, period or if the message is too big.

Chat Mod Labeling - (forum) Author: AmandaKerik (updated by Marm)

  • Labels the mods in chat, and puts their name in the warnings and bans.

Extended Right Click Menu - Author: Jik4eva

  • Adds extra actions to the chat right-click menu.

GKoL Chat Label DJs - (forum) Author: Icon315

  • Labels the DJs in chat.

Mall Username - Author: cmeister2

  • Changes chat profile links to mall store links.

Tabbed Chat - (forum) Author: CDMoyer

  • Adds tabs for channels and PMs to chat.

Mall Related

Bargain Hunter - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by Charon)

  • Creates links to display the lowest five mall prices for an item from another player's mall store.

Buy Direct From Mall - (forum) Author: Schik

  • Re-enables buying from the search page when stores disable purchases from the search screen.

Favorite Mall Searches - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by clump)

  • Saves favorite mall searches and makes them accessible from a drop-down menu.

Get All Search Results - (forum) Author: Charon

  • Allows getting all search results instead of 10 at a time.

Mall Helper - (forum) Author: Picklish (updated by Hellion)

  • Allows you to purchase items from one or more mall stores from the mall search screen.

Mall Price Highlighter - Author: David Cook

  • Highlights prices on your "manage prices" page.
  • Red means that someone's selling the item for less than you, and blue means that the cheapest price is higher than the minimum price.

Mall Price Sorter - Author: JHunz

  • Allows you to sorts mall stores by item price.

Mall Store Trimmer - Author: JHunz

  • Removes all items from mall stores that are priced over a certain configurable amount, or at 100 meat.

Mall Search Separator - Author: JHunz

  • Separates each type of item by a horizontal rule when searching for cheapest x items.

Manage Prices - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by PazSox)

  • Creates links to display the lowest five mall prices for an item from the Manage Prices page.

Price Colorizer - Author: JHunz

  • Colors mall store prices depending on price thresholds.

Price Protection - Author: JHunz

  • Warns you in the manage prices screen when submitting if any price is under mall minimum by 10% or more (check the checkbox to intentionally underprice).

Quick Mall - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds buttons to speed up mall buying and selling. Also, tracks spending history to show relative mall profit.
  • Shows and links to lowest prices in the mall store view.


Attack Key - Author: Tom W.M.

  • Lets you attack or attack again by pressing "a".
  • Lets you hit non-combat buttons by typing the index at which they appear on the page.

Auto Choice - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by Hellion)

  • This script chooses choice adventures automatically (either a set number of times or always) after selecting them from the choice adventure page.

CAB Macro Bar - (forum) Author: Charon

  • Moves all macros to their own menu on the fight page, instead of letting them clutter up the skill menu.

Combat Summarizer - (forum) Author: blazingthunder

  • Adds a summary of the current combat round(s).
  • Summary includes enemy health loss/gain, enemy delevel, player health loss/gain, player mp loss/gain, effect acquisition, macro abortion, combat win/lose, meat gain, item acquisition, and experience gain, in that order.
  • Summary does not include clickable item/effect links, so it has a built-in "scroll-to-bottom" button in the top left.

Keyboard Shortcuts - Author: jaren80

  • Adds alt+<x> shortcuts to the attack buttons. Alt-a is attack with weapon, alt-s is item, alt-d is spell.

Klick-saver Plus - (forum) Author: yehman (updated by Hellion)

  • This script automates repetitive in-combat actions such as attacking, item use, and olfaction.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over each of the WISMAOQ buttons at the top of the character pane to learn what they do.

Macro Combat Compacter - (forum) Author: clump

  • Hides all but the last round of macro combat results.
  • Still displays item/meat acquisitions.

NC Actionbar - (forum) Author: clump

  • Retains the combat action bar (in a limited form) over non-combat and choice adventures.

Old-Style Combat - Author: Aelsa

  • Automatically shows the old combat form as well as the new action bar.

QnD Skill Filter - (forum) Author: Parse

  • Removes useless combat skills from the list on the fight page.

Run Away Confirmation - Author: RetroFrog

  • Adds a confirmation when clicking the run away button.

Starfish Macro Summary - Author: natnit

  • Adds summary information to the end of each combat, totaling the meat, MP, and HP that you gained or lost during combat.

Sugar Re-Equip - Author: Charon

  • Adds links to re-equip or re-fold new sugar equipment when they break in combat.

Skill Casting

Automatic Buff Buyer - Author: SomeStranger

  • Creates options in the account menu to automatically send meat to bots for daily buffing.

Buff Ending Warner - Author: Chris Moyer

  • This script pops up an alert and tells you when your charpane has reported any buffs with 1 turn left.

Mini-Caster - (HCO forum) Author: bigfreak (updated by MutantPickles)

  • Adds a little plus sign to the separators on the status pane surrounding the effects area; when clicked, it opens a little pop-up menu that sorts your non-combat skills into the categories of "Buffs," "Healing Skills," and "Summoning Skills." Also, has a refresh button. When the category is clicked, it shows a menu of your current applicable skills and will cast that skill upon clicking it.

Skill Hiding - (HCO forum) Author: RetroFrog

  • This script lets you choose to not display skills on the combat and/or skills page; ctrl-clicking on a list will redisplay all skills (it also tells you this in the hover help, if you forget).
  • Configure which skills to hide in the configuration menu (Tools->Greasemonkey->User Script Commands->RetroFrog's Skill Hiding Config).

Skill Page Organizer - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by Hellion)

  • Sorts the skills and buffs on the skill page into customizable categories (duplicates or removed items allowed).
  • Adds a max cast button.
  • Queue up a number of buffs at once (saved so that you can navigate away from the page and come back), save and load favorite buff groups.

Inventory and Items

All at Once - (forum) Author: clump

  • Allows right-click context menu to apply to all selected items.

Bang Identifier - (forum) Author: Naltrexone (updated by Charon)

  • Tracks Dungeons of Doom bang potion effects.

Creation Areas - Author: AmandaKerik

  • Puts a standardized menu above all areas that link back to the inventory, but don't have the menu.

DC Stuffies - Author: cmeister2

  • Dumps all of your stuffies in your display case.

DisplayCase TinyPlastics - Author: Plater

  • Lists the Tiny Plastics (series 1 and 2) missing from display cases. Useful for tracking what you need for trophies.

Give To Link Remover - Author: lostcalpolydude

  • Removes "give" links for feeding stuff to familiars from your inventory.

Hatrack Helper - (forum) Author: DrEvi1

  • Adds information for each hat in your inventory when the Mad Hatrack familiar is equipped. An updated version by MutantPickles is also available.

Hide Inventory Items - Author: MutantPickles

  • Allows the user to hide inventory items.

Inventory - Author: PazSox

  • Breaks the inventory tab on the top menu into 3 clickable links.

Inventory Filter - (forum) Author: clump (updated by KingArt)

  • Adds a text box to each inventory page that allows you to filter the items shown by partial name or regular expression.

Item Management Tools - Author: Tard (updated by SomeStranger)

  • Utility for adding & taking in bulk items to the clan stash, closet, hagnk, & display case.
  • Auto-calculator on the sell page.
  • Automatically checks for newer script versions (requires Framework).

Item Quantity - Author: cmeister2

  • Counts how many of an acquired item you have from the fight page.

Label El Vibrato Punchcards - Author: AmandaKerik

  • Puts the function of the card after it in the list.

Label HP & MP Items - (forum) Author: AmandaKerik

  • Helps you find HP & MP restoring items on various pulldown lists.

Less KoL Pop-outs - Author: bitwes

  • Uses inline iframes for item descriptions and effect descriptions. Also does wiki links for some items and a few other tweaks.

Repeat Multi-Use - Author: Fungo

  • Lets you use a fixed number of items in the multi-use menu multiple times.

Omnivore - Author: cmeister2

  • Highlights food and drink that you've never consumed before.

Orderly Weaponry - Author: Charon

  • Allows sorting weapons by type, handedness, or power on the inventory page.

Potion Hints - Author: Wolffauer

  • Adds information about what each potion does to your inventory page.
  • Keeps track of bang potion effects.
  • Adds fullness, drunkenness, spleen and required level information to inventory page.

Sell From Inventory - Author: tburke

  • Adds links in the inventory to sell items in the mall, autosell items, or put items into your display case; also adds links in the mall to autosell items.
  • When selling in the mall, items will be put up for the current rate or 999,999,999 meat (if there isn't one of the item currently for sale).

Sell Stuff Helper - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by Charon)

  • Highlights (as "important" or "disposable") items of your choice on the autosale page. Adds a button to automatically check (or select) all disposable items at once, and (optionally) can prompt you to confirm before selling items flagged as important.

Use Acquired Item - (forum) Author: Picklish

  • Adds links (use/eat/drink/sell/closet/etc.) to items you acquire and to your inventory.


Auto Login - (forum) Author: Picklish

  • Stores account passwords for easier login.

Logout Confirm - Author: DaCyclops

  • Adds a confirmation to the logout option.


All Salad, All the Time - Author: JHunz

  • Mimics the 2008 April Fool's Day prank.

Fishcakes - Author: Picklish

  • Detects when somebody is whining, moaning, or complaining in the forums and replaces their posts with a summarized version.

There Is No I In The Werefrog - (forum) Author: Aankhen

  • Replaces all instances of "The Werefrog" in posts on the Kingdom of Loathing forums with "I".

Yapper - Author: Rick Scott

  • Randomly places "YAP" across all frames and screens if you have the purse rat as your familiar.

Zero Turn Script - (forum) Author: Drahcir

  • If you check off the box, it says "Nothing here, just us chickens!"

KoL Wiki

Best Foods Checker - Author: clump

  • For easier verification of entries in the Best Foods (Adventures) and Best Drinks tables.
  • Adds "Validate" buttons to entries; clicking each retrieves and shows the data from the item page corresponding to the 4 columns of data in the table for that entry (which you can then compare with the table data).

Deep Wiki - (forum) Author: clump

  • Adds a formatted, inline display of the actual effect description to any acquired potion and item effects on KoL Wiki pages.

Search Fix - Author: thagorn

  • Makes the KoL Wiki search via Google instead of the built-in search.

Symmetric Links - Author: clump

  • Allows filtering of 'what links here' to discover non-symmetric links on the KoL Wiki.

TheKolWiki Cleanup - Author: Plater

  • Rather than get used to Jan2015's interface change, I put the search and personal stuff back where it used to be

WikiLink - (forum) Author: Naltrexone

  • Links items, effects, and monsters to their entries on the KoL Wiki.

Wiki Helper - (forum) Author: Bagatelle

  • Automatically parses item pop-ups into KoL Wiki article code.

Wikilink Highlighter - Author: Bagatelle

  • Automatically highlights redirects or non-existent pages on the wiki in blink text.

Wiki Search - Author: Tom W.M.

  • Allows linking to wiki entries by double clicking or shift-clicking on the bond text.

Alice's Army

Alice's Army Card Rarity - (forum) Author: PazSox

  • Adds rarity of Alice's Army cards to inventory, and Mall search.

Alice's Army Card Description - (forum) Author: PazSox

  • Shows what cards do underneath names, while playing.

Alice's Army Foil Cards - (forum) Author: PazSox

  • Change all AA Cards to look like foil cards, regardless.

Alice's Army Games Refresh - (forum) Author: PazSox

  • Adds 'Refresh Games' link to the game lobby, so you don't have to leave, and come back in anymore.


Charpane Buff Shrugger - (forum) Author: OneTonTomato (updated by SomeStranger) [In-game feature]

  • Displays a link in the charpane to shrug off buffs.

Charpane Recast - (HCO forum) Author: RetroFrog [In-game feature]

  • Add an extra cast of a given buff by clicking its effect image in the charpane.

Equipment Scroller - Author: holatuwol [In-game feature]

  • Changes equipment slot names into links to equipment sections.

Moon Sign Effects - Author: DaCyclops [In-game feature]

  • Adds the effects of moon signs to the ascension page.

Plaza - Author: Rick Scott [No longer necessary]

  • Allows easy access to all stores without equipment switching.

Server Selection Buttons - (forum) Author: TechSmurf [No longer possible]

  • Allows for manual server selection.

Time-Less Chat - Author: DaCyclops [No longer necessary]

  • Disables the chat timeout automatically.