Linoleum ore

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linoleum ore
linoleum ore

This is a good-sized chunk of linoleum ore, fresh from the living rock.

(Meatsmithing component)
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: chunks of linoleum ore)
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Obtained From

Itznotyerzitz Mine (by mining)
Either Ore (with ten-leaf clover)
Itznotyerzitz Mine (as Avatar of Boris)
Mountain man
Dwarven Factory Complex
Dwarven Factory Warehouse
Deck of Every Card
Draw a Card (Mine)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Itznotyerzitz Mine
Mining the Mines (like a Miner) (sometimes)




  • Unlike Chrome and Asbestos, which are also found in the mine, Linoleum is not, in real life, mined from the ground. Jick revealed on a radio show that he was unaware that Chrome and Asbestos were not in fact processed materials, making Linoleum Ore the only one of the three that is actually a "joke" ore like he intended.


Slash.gif asbestos ore | chrome ore | linoleum ore


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1. FatCatPeter - 43712 | 2. Oxbarn - 20000 | 3. Pastahead - 2450 | 4. Somebody314 - 1828 | 5. ShadowsLight - 1486
6. Mikemtl - 1337 | 7. miSTRESS of the OBVIOUS - 1220 | 8. Nikademus - 701 | 9. KoL Miners Daughter - 677 | 10. fitsfadda - 500
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings