Like a Bat out of Hell

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Like a Bat out of Hell
Like a Bat out of Hell

There's a portal here that leads out of the Underworld and back to the mortal realms. Not very many people are permitted to use it, but you happen to be one of them.

If you entered the underworld by getting beaten up:

The portal guard (a guy with a human body but a head that's sort of like a praying mantis except with the mouth of a shark) recognizes you and waves you through.

As you step into the shimmering pool, there's a moment of disorientation -- moreso than these portals normally cause. Your spirit is naturally drawn toward your tomb, but since you entered Nefer-kherket by dying, you still have an attachment to your previous corporeal form.

To put it more simply: if you like, you could give the jerk that killed you one hell of a surprise.

also if you have lost the same fight 3 or more times already:

You consider your options for a moment, and then hear a terrible grinding noise behind you. You turn around to discover that the portal guard has stuck his head in after you, and is clearing his throat.

"Er, sir?" he says. "Sorry, but if you're planning on returning to your previous mortal form again, we'll need to charge you a small fee of X Ka for wear on the portal."

"What? That's outrageous!" you protest.

"Sorry sir, I don't make the rules. Maybe you should pick your fights a little more... strategically?"

You glare at him, trying to decide if he's making fun of you, but his shark/mantis face is completely inscrutable.

If you entered the underworld by getting beaten up:

Return to the fight!

If you lost the current fight 3 or more times already:

Return to the fight! (X Ka)

Return to your tomb. (1)

You allow your spiritual essence or soul or whatever to gravitate back to your tomb, where you materialize into a new physical body... somehow?

Sometimes you feel like you ought to have listened more carefully when these things were being explained to you at the beginning of your reign, but oh well. You aren't that interested in the tech, so long as it works.

Not just yet

Occurs at The Underworld.


  • Returning to the fight gives this introductory text:
There is a wooshing sort of transition, and you find yourself back in your body, miraculously healed. Being one of the Undying has some hassles involved, but it also has its privileges, and your favorite part has always been the looks on peoples faces when you do this. It is usually pretty priceless.
Your current foe does not disappoint you in this regard. <taunt>
  • One of these taunts will be used:
"What's the matter?" you ask. "Never seen a corpse stand back up and beat the hell out of you before?"
"Hey bud, guess what," you say. "I'm UNDYING!"
"You went and messed with the wrong pharoah[sic]," you say, cracking your knuckles.
"It's gonna take more than some two-bit monster like you to take ME down," you sneer.
"Get ready for the mummy's curse," you say. "I'm cursing you to get the crap kicked out of you by a mummy."
"Did I mention that I'm undying?" you ask him. "Ed the Undying, that's what they call me."
"That was a good try," you tell it. "But now it's my turn."
  • The wear fee for your 3rd return to the same combat is 1 Ka. Subsequent fees are double the previous, capping at 32.