Lights Out in the Library

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Lights Out in the Library
Lights Out in the Library

You walk through the library, wondering what eldritch secrets are hidden within the pages of all these books. You can almost hear them muttering around you; it's a sound somewhere between the rustle of paper and a creepy guy whispering in your ear.

The restless silence is broken by a sonorous toll from the giant bell of a clock (which may or may not be giant) striking the hour.

You cover your ears as dust sifts down from the ceiling, breathing a sigh of relief after the twelfth bell tolls.

Then the clock strikes thirteen, even louder than before, and all the lights go out, leaving you in almost complete darkness.

Get out of the Library

The muttering of the books is even creepier in the dark, and you want to get out of here before some creepy librarian ghost turns up and scars you for life. You feel your way to the door and exit.

Go to the Children's Section

Only appears if you Make a Snack in Lights Out in the Kitchen

You try to remember the signs you saw before the lights went out, and feel your way to the children's section. There's a window here with enough moonlight shining through it that you can read the titles on the dusty spines.

What was that book Elizabeth loved? If You Give a Succubus a Sucker? If You Give an Imp a Colonoscopy? No, no...oh, right! You find the well-worn copy of If You Give a Demon a Brownie and pull it down from the shelf.

Before you can thumb through it, though, a ghostly force yanks it from your hand. Young mistress Elizabeth will so enjoy hearing this story before bed, a voice whispers.

"Then she'll go to sleep and I can stop getting freaked out in random rooms, right?" you ask.

After she watches the dancers for a few minutes, yes, the voice whispers. Young Mistress Elizabeth always wanted to have a little dance before bedtime, if one of the guests would oblige her. Oh, and keep your voice down; this is a library.

With that, the lights switch on, and after a while the hairs on the back of your neck go back down.

Unlocks additional option in Lights Out in the Ballroom.

Grab a Candle

You grope toward one of the decorative sconces on the wall and pull out an unlit taper. And before you get some really weird mental images, a tapir is the kind of horse/elephant-looking animal, a taper is a candle. Anyway. Before you can strike a match, or summon a tiny fireball, a heavily-accented voice says, "Put...the candle...beck."

"Huh?" you say, looking around for the source of the voice.

"Put...the candle...beck!" the voice says, again. "Honestly! This is a library! You can't haff fire in here! Are you trying to get banned for life?"

You put the candle back in the sconce, and the lights flicker back on. You leave before you accidentally offend any more spirits.

Ponder a Quaint and Curious Volume

You grab a book at random off of the shelf, then move closer to the window so there's enough moonlight to read it. It looks like it's called Proper Stocking Lengths and Patterns for Proper Ladies.

I mean, it's pretty quaint, what with its ideas of appropriate dress, and it's pretty curious that someone would write an entire book on the subject, but in practice the whole thing is pretty dry and boring.

You put the book back on the shelf. A voice hisses in your ear, "the book is upside-down!"

You yelp, and the voice says, "SHHHHH," and you put the book the right way round.

Thankfully, at that point the lights come back on, revealing that you're alone in the room. Brrrr.

Occurs at The Haunted Library.