Lights Out in the Bathroom

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Lights Out in the Bathroom
Lights Out in the Bathroom

You stand in front of Lord Spookyraven's ancient toilet, pondering whether or not you need to use it. I mean, usually it's a sure thing with you, but this time...well, it could go either way.

Your deliberations are interrupted, though, when a clock begins to strike somewhere in the manor; a clock with a huge bell which shakes the whole house with its reverberations.

It rings twelve times, and you sigh with relief and start brushing plaster dust out of your hair. But then there's a thirteenth "BONG," somehow louder than the others, and as it sounds, the whole manor is plunged into darkness.

Fumble Your Way to the Door

Arms outstretched, eyes straining in the darkness, you gingerly tiptoe to the door. Naturally, on the very last step before your hand closes on the doorknob, you step on a soaking-wet bathmat with a disheartening squish.

Flush the Toilet

You go to flush the toilet, but when you lift the lid, there's a face staring up at you! It's some kind of disgusting green beastie with a bald, round head, green skin, and sharp little teeth.

You muse that someone should make a movie about that little guy, but then figure it'd never be as interesting as just the single image of the thing popping out of the toilet. So you do the world a favor and flush the ghoulie on down, then exit the room as the lights turn back on.

Inspect the Bathtub

Only appears if you Check a Pile of Stained Sheets in Lights Out in the Laundry Room

You peer into the bathtub. It's empty, but there's a gleaming white towel hung over the towel bar behind it. "Huh. I guess THE STAIN HAS BEEN LIFTED," you say to yourself, bemused. You see a little vial of bath salts (like, the kind for actual bathing, not the kind that makes people eat their own feet) on the edge of the tub and tip it in, making the crystals clatter on the porcelain.

A rotting hand reaches over your shoulder, turning on the water as you jump half out of your skin. You spin around to see an animated corpse dressed in a servant's uniform.

"" it wheezes, "the...little...mistress...will...bathe."

"And, uh, then it's off to bed?" you say, remembering your own childhood.

"She...will...require...a...snack...first..." the corpse says, severely testing your patience with each long pause. "The...mistress...loved...loves...peanut...butter." Then the lights flicker back on and you're alone in the room, though the tub continues to fill. You get out of there before you can get further terrified.

Unlocks additional option in Lights Out in the Kitchen.

Check out the Vanity

You look through the various ancient cosmetics in the vanity. It's hard to tell in the dark, but you find a lipstick you think will suit you and smear it on.

Right after you apply it, though, the lights flicker back on and you see two things: 1) you've smeared the lipstick on like an enormous clown smile, and 2) the tube says, "World's Fynest Lead-Based Lip Coloure." You hurriedly scrub it off, trying not to lick your lips.

Occurs at The Haunted Bathroom.


  • "Not the kind that makes people eat their own feet" is a reference to a street drug nicknamed bath salts, and in particular to the so-called "Miami Zombie" attack in 2012 in which a man believed to under the influence of bath salts chewed off the face of another man.
  • The "Flush the toilet" option describes the movie poster for the B-grade horror film Ghoulies.