Lights Out in the Ballroom

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Lights Out in the Ballroom
Lights Out in the Ballroom

As you watch ghostly figures whirl on the dance floor, suddenly a huge clock somewhere starts to strike the hour. The dancers all stop, bow to one another, and disappear one by one as the clock strikes twelve.

Then the clock strikes thirteen, and all of the lights in the ballroom go out. It's completely quiet, and you're totally alone. Who would have thought the absence of ghosts would be more freaky than seeing them all over the place?

Get out of the Ballroom

You waltz out the door of the Ballroom. Not literally. You pretty much just kind of walk out the way you always walk. It was a figure of speech. An ill-chosen one given your location, I grant you that. Sorry for the confusion.

Dance with Yourself

Only appears if you Go to the Children's Section in Lights Out in the Library

You close your eyes, hold up your hands as if you had an invisible partner, and begin to box-step your way across the dance floor. You open your eyes, startled, when you feel cold hands grab your outstretched hands and pull them down, as if you were dancing with someone about navel-height to you. But you don't see anyone there, so you just keep dancing until the hands release you.

The lights turn back on, and you see a skeletal nanny standing in the doorway. "Young Mistress Elizabeth is ready for bed, now," she says, "so long as she doesn't decide to be naughty and sneak down to the Gallery again. She does love that painting where all the damned souls are being tormented in Hey Deze. 'The Flowerbed of Unearthly Delights,' I believe it's called."

"Um...great?" you say, but the skeletal nanny is already gone, and the Ballroom is filling up with ghosts again.

Unlocks additional option in Lights Out in the Gallery.

Play the Organ

Now that the creepy organ player is gone, you can finally sit down and have a go.

You pull out some stops and play a few chords. A ghostly voice whispers in your ear, "what do you get when you squash a bee with a violin? A bee, flat! Hahaha!"

Oh, great. It's one of those witzergeists you've heard about, those disembodied spirits who tell terrible jokes. "I'm sorry," it continues, "I didn't mean to diminish your playing, just augment it. How can you even hit the right keys in the dark like this? You must C#! Hahahaha!"

You push away from the piano and leave before he starts in on that joke about the A, C, and E who walk into a bar.

Check out the Punch Bowl

You cross the vast, empty dance floor to the hors d'oeuvres table, somewhat proud of yourself for spelling that difficult word correctly.

You reach the punch bowl and dip in the ladle, but it clinks against empty glass. You could swear the thing was full when the lights were on; what happened?

Then the lights come back on, and once again the punch bowl looks full. You stick the ladle in again, but it clinks against the glass. What is this? The ghost of a bowl full of punch? Man, the supernatural is weird. You decide you've had enough for now.

Occurs at The Haunted Ballroom.


  • The "Dance with Yourself" choice is available during the Lights Out Quest.
  • A, C, and E is a minor chord. Bars generally don't serve minors.