Lights Out Quest

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Spookyraven Manor hasn't been in the best state of upkeep ever since its previous inhabitants... vanished. Periodically when adventuring in a part of the Manor not named The Haunted Pantry, the lights have a chance to go out.

Things start to break down a bit after there.

However, some persistent adventurers may start to notice a few patterns emerging from the midst of the darkness. You may end up discovering something potentially terrifying.


The Elizabeth quest starts in The Haunted Storage Room

The Stephen quest starts in The Haunted Bedroom


  • For defeating Elizabeth Spookyraven, you receive Elizabeth's Dollie and her paintbrush and receive this note in your Quest Log:
    Like Father Like Daughter
    You found and put to rest the spirit of Elizabeth Spookyraven.
  • For defeating Stephen Spookyraven, you receive Stephen's lab coat and his secret formula and receive this note in your Quest Log:
    Like Mother Like Son
    You found and put to rest the spirit of Stephen Spookyraven.


  • With the exception of the final battles against the two Spookyraven ghosts, nothing in this quest consumes adventures, regardless of which choice is picked. Each battle consumes 1 adventure as normal.
  • The "Lights out in the X room" adventure occurs every 37 adventures. Since each quest takes place in 7 rooms, with 37 adventures between steps, you will need a minimum of 259 adventures to complete each of these quests, or 518 total for both. (It can be less, depending on how many turns it takes to get your first Lights Out, which is dependent on when you unlock access to either the Storage Room or the Bedroom.)
  • During the 37 turn countdown, you do not have to adventure in Spookyraven Manor. If you do not take a Lights Out noncombat by spending the designated adventure elsewhere, it will continue the next time you visit a Spookyraven Manor location.
    • The Lights Out adventures occur when your "Turns Played (total)" (not turns played this run), modulo 37, is 0.
  • If you enter the wrong room in the middle of either Lights Out sequence, taking any choice will not break the chain because each Lights Out noncombat in the sequence unlocks a third option or a different outcome in a particular room, which then continues the chain. This also means you do not make any progress by visiting rooms earlier in the sequence than you are supposed to.
  • This adventure can be overridden by clovers, SRs, wandering monsters and the like, so time accordingly.
  • Elizabeth and Stephen can only be put to rest once per ascension, but can be encountered every 37 turns until defeated.