Letter for Melvign the Gnome

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Letter for Melvign the Gnome
Letter for Melvign the Gnome

This is a letter addressed to a guy named Melvign the Gnome, c/o Melvign's Comic Shop, The Big Mountains, Kingdom of Loathing.

It looks like it's from Thinknerd, that company that makes toys and clothes and stuff for dorks.

You really hope that this thing doesn't result in somebody expecting you to make some endless string of deliveries.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: Letters for Melvign the Gnome)
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Item number: 7268
Description ID: 938064910
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Obtained From

Trying to equip a Shirt:
A letter falls out of a pocket of the shirt as you put it on.
Envelope.gifYou acquire an item: Letter for Melvign the Gnome
or, if you do not have Torso Awaregness:
You recognize that this is a garment of some sort, but you can't figure out which part of your body it goes on.
A letter falls out of a pocket of the weird garment.
Envelope.gifYou acquire an item: Letter for Melvign the Gnome

When Used

You take the letter to the Big Mountains, find the comic shop the letter is addressed to, go inside and hand it to the proprietor, who you can only assume is Melvign.

He reads it, then frowns and addresses you:

"Hey, you're one of those advegnturers, aregn't you? Do you think you can help me out with something?" he says.

"Sure, I'm helping everyone else; I might as well."

"Okay, well, I'm a huge fagn of the Saga of Professor What. You probably haven't heard of it. Anyway, I saw this awesome T-shirt for it, so I bought it, but it's stuck at the warehouse agnd they can't deliver it. Could you go get it for me?"

"A T-what, now?" you ask.

"Gnever mind. It's a piece of clothing," Melvign responds.

"Oh, yeah," you say, rolling your eyes, "the bards will sing for ages the "Ballad of the Brave Adventurer Who Delivered the Mail."

"I'm sure they will!" Melvign says, immune to sarcasm. "Agnyway, the Thinknerd Warehouse is in the Big Mountains. Hurry back!"