Let Slip the Bears of War

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Let Slip the Bears of War
Let Slip the Bears of War

You pause to catch your breath, but it's a short pause, because another friggin' warbear is running toward you, all kinds of arcane weaponry pointed your direction.

Fortunately, several yards away, the bear slips on a carelessly discarded banana peel and falls flat on his bear back. The power supply on the back of his armor starts beeping, fairly ominously.

"Curses," the bear growls, "I seem to have fallen on my emergency self-destruct button. If I can just reach around and--oh, bollocks--"


When the smoke clears, where there was a bear there's now just a pile of warbear tech, ripe for the gafflin'.

Loot the Pile

You grab a bunch of the ex-warbear's equipment and hightail it back to Uncle Crimbo. "Wow, kid," he says, "this thingummy here looks like some kind of loom or something. I'll bet we can make a machine in K.R.A.M.P.U.S. that makes gear with this!" He grabs one especially whozit-looking whozit to use in the War Machine, and sends the rest over to K.R.A.M.P.U.S.

Occurs at WarBear Fortress (First Level)