Lemon Party Slot

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Lemon Party Slot

This is the third of the seven games available to you in The Casino. Each play of this three-wheeled slot machine costs 10 Meat and 1 Adventure.

Each wheel can display a jumbo olive, a lime, a lemon, an orange, or a cherry. If all three fruits are different, you get nothing; if two fruits are the same, you get one of that fruit; if all three fruits are the same, you get three of that fruit. The exception is in Bad Moon, where any roll can randomly yield a big rock.

What are the odds? Surprisingly good, but it depends on how much you value an adventure. Ignoring the Bad Moon rocks, of the 125 combinations, only 60 leave you with nothing. Of the remainder, 60 give you a fruit, and five give you three fruits. This means that if you spend 10,000 Meat and 1000 adventures on this game, you would typically expect to obtain 120 of each fruit (600 fruits total). This works out to just under 17 Meat and 1.7 adventures per fruit. Granted, two of the fruits are obtainable from The Hippy Store, but for 70 Meat each, and the other three are hard to come by.

Farming the Lemon Party Slot is a low-risk, low-reward scenario. For example, if you sell the limes and cherries for 1000 meat each in the mall, and the jumbo olives for 2300 meat each, your expected profit over 1000 adventures is approximately 500000 meat, or 500 meat per adventure. However, a significant increase in the supply of these items will generally cause the price to decrease.

When The Gray Plague hit the Kingdom, this slot machine began malfunctioning occasionally, dispensing one of the ingredients for Doc's Miracle Cure:

You deposit your Meat and spin the wheels...
Orange.gif Olive.gif Lemon.gif
An abrupt clanking noise comes from inside the slot machine, and smoke begins to issue forth from the fruit slot. You hear a clunk, and a weird piece of plastic drops out of the machine.
You start to call an attendant, but then notice the sign bolted to the front of the machine reading "Malfunction voids all pays and plagues."
Passion.gifYou acquire an item: plastic passion fruit

With a ten-leaf clover, you always get a big rock, no matter what the wheels show:

You deposit your Meat and spin the wheels...
Lime.gif Lime.gif Cherry.gif
A horrible grinding noise emanates from inside the slot machine, and a big rock falls into the payout tray. Great. A rock.
Your ten-leaf clover disappears in a puff of smoke. Wait, what?
Bigrock.gifYou acquire an item: big rock


  • This game was originally called Fruit Insanity!!! In September 2005 it was renamed to Lemon Party Slot and slightly revamped.
  • Upon the end of The Gray Plague, the machine was repaired and the plastic passion fruit no longer drops.
  • The odds of getting one particular fruit on any particular turn are 13/125, if you don't care about how many you get, and if you don't factor in the big rocks.
  • A Big rock drops 20% of the time in BM.


  • The Lemon Party Slot is a reference to LemonParty.org, a rather infamous picture found on several shock sites. Google it at your own risk.
  • "Malfunction voids all pays and plagues" when scoring a plastic passion fruit is a reference to the warning "Malfunction voids all pays and plays" which is stamped onto slots, video poker, and all other electronic gaming machines in just about every casino.