Lazybones™ recliner

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Lazybones™ recliner
Lazybones™ recliner

If you need to rest your weary bones, and the only thing you want to rest them on is some other weary bones, then this handsome bone-crafted recliner is just about as good as it's gonna get. It's got lumbar support made of actual lumbar vertebrae!

Type: usable
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

(In-game plural: Lazybones™ recliners)
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Item number: 5888
Description ID: 274152200
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Asterisk.gif 13 skeleton
Equals.gif Lazybones™ recliner

When Used

You don't have a dwelling to put the Lazybones™ recliner in.
  • Used without a Lazybones™ recliner in your dwelling:
You install the Lazybones™ recliner in your dwelling.
  • Used with a Lazybones™ recliner in your dwelling:
You've already got a Lazybones™ recliner at your campsite.
  • Used with another bed in your dwelling:
Installing this in your dwelling will destroy your [furniture] -- are you sure you want to proceed?
  • After clicking [Yes!]:
You toss your [furniture] aside and install the Lazybones™ recliner in your dwelling. The [furniture] is immediately stolen (and subsequently urinated on) by a hobo. Yech.
  • When resting with this bed installed in your dwelling:

You recline, Lordlike, on your throne of bones, for a quick nap.

  • On first use each day:

Wow. Resting on a chair made of skeletons really makes you feel dominant.

Spikebone.gifYou acquire an effect: Bonelording
(duration: 20 Adventures)



  • This item is a reference to La-Z-Boy, an American furniture manufacturer famous for recliners (sometimes simply called "La-Z-Boys").
  • This would be commonly used by someone without much get-up-and-go.


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