Law of Averages

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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

What buffs get extended, how many turns/stats get balanced, etc.

Law of Averages
Law of Averages

It all converges.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

Averages you out

(In-game plural: Laws of Averages)
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Item number: 10325
Description ID: 514916402
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Obtained From

The Swagger Shop (1,000 swagger) (You must earn 1,000 swagger during an average season to purchase this item.) (First purchase, only available during PvP Season 45 & 49)

When Used

  • First X uses per day:

Your stats are uneven.

You lose X <highest substat>.

You gain Y <lowest substat>.

Your effects are unbalanced.

You lose some of an effect: <highest effect> (1 Adventure)

You acquire an effect: <lowest effect> (duration: 1 Adventure)

Your adventures exceed the average.

AdventuresYou lose 1 Adventure.


Your energy is unbalanced. <center> You lose Z <hit points|Mana Points>.

You gain Z <hit points|Mana Points>.

  • Subsequent uses:

You already feel pretty average.


  • usable X times per day, where X is how many copies of it you own.
  • modifies stats, hp/mp and buff durations making the numbers more average (i.e., a buff with lots of turns gets less turns, a buff with 1 turn might get increased)
  • Adventure loss appears to only happen when you have more than 200 Adventures
  • X, Y, and Z (substats, hp/mp) appear to be your level
  • It is possible to have multiple effects balanced
  • it is possible to lose effect duration without gaining any on a lower duration effect


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