Lavender polka-dot oyster egg

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lavender polka-dot oyster egg
lavender polka-dot oyster egg

This is a hard-boiled oyster egg, painted with lavender polka dots. What do you suppose a lavender Yoshi would do? Probably redecorate your house, using his tongue to distribute the throw pillows.

Type: spleen item (awesome)
Toxicity: 1
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: lavender polka-dot oyster eggs)
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Item number: 1065
Description ID: 249851130
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Obtained From

Cargo Cultist Shorts
What has it got in its pocketses? (pocket 574)
St. Sneaky Pete's Day goodies basket (0-5)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Oyster Egg Day
Locations vary by instance (with oyster basket equipped)

When Used

You practice twirling the egg on your index finger until you get pretty good at it, but then somebody steals the egg because they're envious of your skills.
You gain 22-30 Sarcasm.
(You gain 1 Spleen.)


  • Previously, its use text was simply: You eat the lavender polka-dot oyster egg.


  • The Lavender Yoshi is a reference to a character in the Mario series of games. Yoshi was a dinosaur, with a very long, sticky tongue, which he used to grab enemies. He appeared in several different colours, but was normally green.


Slash.gif All common Oyster Eggs:
  Plastic Striped Paisley Polka-Dot
Black egg egg egg egg
Blue egg egg egg egg
Lavender egg egg egg egg
Mauve egg egg egg egg
Off-White egg egg egg egg
Puce egg egg egg egg
Red egg egg egg egg
Yellow egg egg egg egg


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