Lava lamprey

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Drop rate of lavalarva

Lava lamprey
Monster ID 1797
Locations The Bubblin' Caldera
Hit Points 150
Attack 110
Defense 90
Initiative 75
Meat None
Phylum fish
Elements hot
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts mouth, tail
smelted roe, lavalarva
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
lava lamprey You're fighting a lava lamprey

These fish/eel/leeches survive by latching into the sides of their prey with horrible fanged circular mouths and sucking out their juices. Even before you get to the part where this particular breed swims around in red-hot molten rock, they're disgusting. Nature is awful.

Hit Message(s):

It sucks out a bunch of your blood. Some of that blood was your favorite blood!

It thrashes around a bit, and slaps you in the face with its gross slimy/scaly tail.

It latches onto your <bung> and drains out some of your <elbow> juices. This could be really gross, depending on what random body part just got chosen.

Critical Hit Message:

The lava lamprey latches onto your shoulder and drains some of your blood. It really -- ha, ha -- sucks.

Miss Message(s):

It starts to suck out some of your blood, but you grab it and give it a big squeeze, squirting the blood back into you.

It thrashes around, trying to slap you with its tail, but you're carefully maintaining your distance from the repulsive thing.

It tries to latch onto your <elbow>, but you refuse to let that thing anywhere near your <skull>.

Fumble Message:

It accidentally gets twisted up and sucks out some of its own blood. Since the blood is just going back inside it, though, that's fine. (FUMBLE!)

Special Move(s):

Some of the lava you're swimming in goes between your toes. (hot damage)

After Combat

Smeltroe.gifYou acquire an item: smelted roe (15% chance)*
Lavalarva.gifYou acquire an item: lavalarva (% chance)*
You gain 27.5 <substat>.

Occurs at The Bubblin' Caldera.