Laser-broiled pear

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laser-broiled pear
laser-broiled pear

This is a pear that accidentally got cooked by a laser beam. But don't despair for dis pear -- it turned out pretty delicious!

Type: food (awesome)
Size: 1
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: laser-broiled pears)
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Item number: 3095
Description ID: 308511017
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Obtained From

Chez Snootée (sometimes) (465 Meat)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
A Sinister Dodecahedron
death ray in a pear tree

When Consumed

You eat the pear, and delicious laser-warmed juices run down your cheeks.
AdventuresYou gain 3-4 Adventures.
You gain 8-10 Muscleboundness.
You gain 8-10 Wizardliness.
You gain 8-10 Chutzpah.
(You gain 1 Fullness.)


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