Large hostile animal

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Large hostile animal
Monster ID 2017
Locations Through the Spacegate
Hit Points 75% of Monster Defense
Attack Player's Moxie + 25*(first letter of gate-1) + 10
Defense Player's Muscle + 25*(first letter of gate-1) + 10
Initiative  ?
Meat None
Phylum beast
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts abdomen, eyestalk, head, leg, pseudopod, tentacle, thorax, wing
alien meat, alien toenails, alien animal goo
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
large hostile animal You're fighting a large hostile animal

You encounter one of the cow-sized animals that move across the surface of this world in herds. This one is by itself, though, which has obviously gotten it kind of riled up.

Hit Message(s):

It pauses to emit a foul-smelling belch. What has this thing been eating? Oh yeah. Weird alien plants and stuff. Eek! Ow! Eek! (stench damage)

It distracts you while one of its herdmates sneaks up and bites you in the arm. They're hunting in packs! Eek! Ugh! Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

It leaps on you, pins you down and bites your <arm>. (CRITICAL HIT!) Ow! Ow! Ow!

Miss Message(s):

It stares at you with one (or perhaps more) of its weird eyes while doing something akin to chewing its cud. Gross.

It pauses for a minute to gnaw on a nearby rock. Presumably just in case the rock has some food stuck to it.

Fumble Message:

It charges at you, but very slowly. It must be accustomed to more sluggish prey, such as plants and rocks. You easily step out of the way. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Alienmeat.gifYou acquire 1-2 pieces of alien meat (% chance)*
Alientoenails.gifYou acquire 1-2 piles of alien toenails (% chance)*
Blankoutglob.gifYou acquire an item: alien animal goo (% chance)*

Occurs at Through the Spacegate.


  • This monster's Attack is based on the Player's Moxie+10 and Defense is Player's Muscle+10. However, the Spacegate's first letter will also add an additional 25X, where X is the difference between the first letter and A. (Thus a Spacegate starting with B will be Player Stat+35, while a Spacegate starting with Z will be Player Stat+635.)
  • Image is one of the following, depending on planet coordinates: