Land of the Lost

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You discover a small island and row out to check it out. Pushing through thick jungle, you come to a small clearing. A golden pylon in the shape of a narrow truncated pyramid sits in the clearing, and when you poke a triangluar projection near the top of it, a diamond-shaped hole forms in the front. Just in time, too, as a tyrannosaurus rex charges out of the jungle with a roar, and its teeth snap shut behind you as you dive into the pylon.

Inside, you discover a rough stone table covered with a nine by nine grid of strange glowing crystals. As the dinosaur tries vainly to get at you within the pylon (thank goodness for their little arms), you shuffle a few of the crystals around out of desperation. With a crack of thunder, a heavy rain begins to fall outside. Hmmm...

After a few minutes of contemplative fiddling, you find a combination of crystals that causes a very localized hurricane to pick up the tyrannosaurus and hurl it back into the jungle. The look of surprise on its rubber face is priceless.

You gain 250-350 Mysteriousness.


(89,44); (138,43); (135,14); (151,76); (187,88)


  • This adventure is a reference to the TV series Land of the Lost, complete with the tyrannosaurus having a rubber face.
  • It is also a reference to the Arthur Conan Doyle short story The Lost World.
  • The inability of the T-rex to reach you, and the explanation given, may be a reference to the animated movie Meet the Robinsons, which features a saurian character in a similar plight (trying to reach someone hiding in the corner of a building) who says in response to encouragement from the antagonist, "I have a big head... and little arms."

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