Lambda Upsilon Chi Kappa

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Lambda Upsilon Chi Kappa
Lambda Upsilon Chi Kappa
As you're wandering through the Frat House, you cross paths with a harried-looking frat boy.
"Hey, bra'," he says, "Wassup, bra'? We gotta get ready for the next party, bra'! I'm gonna go make the pledges mop everything. Can you take this extra roll of tickets down to the basement for me, bra'? Thanks, bra'. Catch ya later, bra'."
Pretty good timing, it seems. You suddenly feel less lucky.
Tickets.gifYou acquire an item: roll of drink tickets

Occurs at Orcish Frat House while Lucky! and wearing either the Frat Boy Ensemble or the Frat Warrior Fatigues.


  • Adventuring here while undisguised will yield a different Lucky Outcome.


  • Prior to Jan 1, 2022, this was a Clover Adventure that had a different outcome if you were undisguised:
You approach the Orcish Frat House, and are approached by an Orcish Frat Boy. There's a whole lot of approaching going on, here.
"Hey, bra'," he says, "Wassup, bra'? You comin' to our party next week, bra'? Here's some drink tickets for ya, bra'. Catch ya later, bra'."
Pretty good timing, it seems. Your ten-leaf clover disappears in a cloud of smoke and alcohol fumes.
Dtickets.gifYou acquire an item: handful of drink tickets


  • The first letters of Lambda Upsilon Chi Kappa spell out "LUCK", appropriately. Although Chi, being thought to be a sound somewhat like the CH in the Scottish "loch", has nothing to do with the Latin letter C. And in modern Greek it would be pronounced more like “lich”.