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Lady Spookyraven first appears at the Spookyraven Manor if you have her necklace in your inventory. Then, she will appear at the second floor after messaging you, then at the third floor after she messages you again.

Lady Spookyraven must have sensed somehow that you found "her" necklace, because she seems to have materialized in the hallway. You approach her.

At the sight of it, her eyes light up with an even more unearthly glow than they had prior to lighting up. She takes the necklace and places it around her neck, at which point a ghostly copy of the necklace silently falls to the floor.

Ghostnecklace.gifYou acquire an item: ghost of a necklace

That is... not at all how you expected that to work. You look back up just in time to see her drift upwards through the ceiling. I guess you don't even get a "Thanks."

"I'm so sorry to bother you again, but while my business in this realm is finished, I find myself attached to it... for pleasure."

You start to back away.

"It's not like that! I just... I just want to dance! One last time. But I can't, not dressed like this."

You squint, peer through her, and raise an eyebrow.

"I look different to myself than I do to you. And believe me, I look a mess! It just wouldn't do to be seen..."

You clear your throat[sic]

"I only mean I wouldn't be caught dead..."

You clear your throat again.

"Sigh. Please, be kind to me for once in your life, and retrieve my dancing finery."

She explains that she'll need her powder puff from the bathroom, her finest ball gown from the bedroom, and her shoes, which she thinks she left inside a painting in the Gallery, though she didn't elucidate exactly what she means by that.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Haunted Bathroom, in Spookyraven Manor Second Floor.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Haunted Bedroom, in Spookyraven Manor Second Floor.

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Haunted Gallery, in Spookyraven Manor Second Floor.
  • Afterwards, before obtaining the items:

"Please. My dancing things. Hurry."

Lady Spookyraven's ghostly eyes light up at the sight of her dancing finery. She grabs it from you and excitedly shouts "Meet me in the ballroom in five minutes!" as she darts through the wall.

Lady Spookyraven looks even paler and more disheveled than usual.

"<player>! I'm so grateful you came. My babies! I nearly forgot them! I... what kind of mother am I? The three of them are running around like mad, and of course they are -- they miss their mother!"

"Wait... I thought you only had two children," you reply.

"No! After Steven and Elizabeth turned out to be so... disappointing, Maurice and I decided to try one last time."

"Ha ha ha, Maurice?"

She ignores you and continues: "But instead of one bundle of joy, we received three! Triplets! And oh, I loved them so dearly. I couldn't possibly leave without saying goodbye. Please, gather them together and bring them to me."

"Okay. Any advice on how? Live kids are hard enough to herd, and they can't even fly or pass through walls."

"Here are a few of their favorite things," she says, handing you some dusty old toys. "Surely they'll remember."

Poppet.gifYou acquire an item: dusty poppet
Horsehead.gifYou acquire an item: rickety rocking horse
Jackinthebox.gifYou acquire an item: antique jack-in-the-box
  • Afterwards, before finding her children:

"Have you found my beautiful babies? Beautiful babies. Babies."

She's clearly going off the deep end. You should find her babies. Babies. Babies. Beautiful babies.

Lady Spookyraven takes the jar of babies and coos softly to it.

"Thank you, <playername>," she says. "I... I think that's everything! I think I can leave now."

"Are you sure you don't have one more piece of unfinished business?" you counter, holding your hand out like the world's least subtle maître d.

"Ah, of course. Thank you for your help. Please take this. It's not much, but I hope it's a useful and balanced reward for a quest of this level. I mean an appropriate thank you for your help."

Babybottle.gifYou acquire an item: ghost formula

She smiles at you as she slowly fades from view.


  • After the first encounter with Lady Spookyraven, she will disappear from the first floor.
  • After you give Lady Spookyraven her dancing things, she will disappear from the second floor.
  • After giving Lady Spookyraven the baby jar, she will disappear for good.

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