La Farmacia de Sueños

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La Farmacia de Sueños
La Farmacia de Sueños

As you're walking down one of the seedier back alleys in BorderTown, you see a sign that says "Farmacia de Sueños." You walk inside and see a dirty glass display case full of different types of medicines. A woman in a dirty lab coat walks out of the back room and sizes you up.

"Ah, amigo, you appear to have a serious affliction," she says. "Perhaps you are in need of some medication? This one in particular, I think, would suit you well." She holds up a bottle and you read the label:

Meleegra: Increase the size of your weapon! Battle for hours without getting tired! (Side effects include headache, vomiting of intestines and death).

"What makes you think my weapon is too small?" You say, offended.

"Now now, everyone needs a bigger weapon, amigo. There is no shame in it."

"Don't I need a scroll from one of the doctors of Loathing to get this stuff?" You ask.

"Perhaps elsewhere, but here we do not believe in making obstacles to people getting quality healthcare," she says, and smiles.

"Well, my weapon is just fine the way it is. But, y'know, I think my friend was talking about how he wanted his weapon bigger the other day. Maybe I'll pick up some for him."

"Certainly, amigo. I hope you -- I mean, your friend will enjoy them."

Goofballs.gifYou acquire an item: Meleegra™ pills

Occurs at South of The Border.


  • The adventure title is Spanish for "The Pharmacy of Dreams."