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La-Z-Archers: You can hire archers to defend your Clan Hall against attackers. They are effective against both Grunts and Grrrrrgoyles, but won't work for you unless they have someplace to sit.

La-Z-Archers are troops used in clan warfare, and do not attack, only defend. You need to have one recliner for each archer you have in your employ, otherwise they will do nothing but eat oatmeal. They'll also eat oatmeal if they have a recliner to sit in, but they're more useful sitting than doing nothing.


  • May be a reference to the online game "Defend Your Castle" in which you use Archers to attack enemies from the castle top.
  • Almost certainly a reference to the La-Z-Boy brand of recliner chair; the brand is so well known that in some regions "La-Z-Boy" and "recliner" are used interchangeably.