LI-11 HQ

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LI-11 HQ
You have X pounds of social capital to spend in HQ.


Looks like you don't have any social capital to spend at HQ.
Bond quartermaster.gif
Schmooze the Quartermaster
for Some Stuff

Super-Accurate Spy Watch
+11 Adventures at Rollover
Acquire (1)
Razor-Sharp Tie
Weapon Damage +50%
Acquire (1)
Jet-Powered Skis
+30% Combat Initiative
Acquire (1)
Kevlar-Lined Pants
Damage Reduction 10
Acquire (1)
Injected Nanobots
Maximum HP +20%
Acquire (1)
Sticky Climbing Gloves
+20% Item Drops from Monsters
Acquire (2)
Retinal Knowledge HUD
+2 Stats Per Fight
Acquire (2)
Belt-Implanted Still
+1 Max Drunkeness
Acquire (2)
Alcohol Absorbent Underwear
+100% Booze Drops from Monsters
Acquire (2)
Universal Symbology Guide
Decode Strange Symbols
Acquire (3)
Soberness Injection Pen
+2 Max Drunkeness
Acquire (3)
Short-Range Jetpack
5% of Fights are Free
Acquire (3)
Invisible Meat Car, the Vanish
Move Stealthily Inside Lairs
Acquire (3)
Portable Pocket Bridge
Spans Medium-Sized Gaps
Acquire (3)
Static-Inducing, Bug-Shorting Underpants
Regenerate 10-15 MP per adventure
Acquire (3)
Electromagnetic Ring
+30% Item Drops from Monsters
Acquire (4)
+2 Spleen Capacity
Acquire (4)
Universal GPS
Helps you explore deserts
Acquire (5)
Bond secretary.gif
Flirt with the Head of LI-11's Secretary
for Some Connections
Exotic Bartender, Barry L. Eagle
+1 Turn from Martini-Drinks
Acquire (1)
Renowned Meat Thief, Ivanna Cuddle
+20% Meat from Monsters
Acquire (1)
Master Art Thief, Sly Richard
+10% Item Drops from Monsters
Acquire (1)
Personal Trainer, Debbie Dallas
+1 Muscle Stats Per Fight
Acquire (1)
Rocket Scientist, Crimbo Jones
+1 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
Acquire (1)
Licensed Masseur, Oliver Closehoff
+1 Moxie Stats Per Fight
Acquire (1)
Professional Cabbie, Rock Hardy
Get to the Beach
Acquire (1)
Fellow Spy, Daisy Duke
Prevents Beaten Up
Acquire (1)
Fellow Spy, Prince O'Toole
Delivers Martinis
Acquire (1)
Personal Kinesiologist, Doctor Kittie
+2 Muscle Stats Per Fight
Acquire (3)
Computer Hacker, Mitt Jobs
+2 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
Acquire (3)
Spa Owner, Fatima Jiggles
+2 Moxie Stats Per Fight
Acquire (3)
Exotic Olive Procurer, Ben Dover
Improves Low Quality Martinis
Acquire (3)
Trained Sniper, Felicity Snuggles
Helps out in War
Acquire (3)
Martial Arts Trainer, Jaques Trappe
Weapon Damage +10
Acquire (3)
Mission Controller, Maeby Moneypenny
Guides you sneakily through lairs
Acquire (4)
Sage Advisor, London McBrittishman
+5 Stats Per Fight
Acquire (4)
True Love, Honey Potts
Stops by for Afternoon Delight
Acquire (5)

Appears on the Right Side of the Tracks during a License to Adventure run.

Acquiring Social Capital

  • Social capital is acquired in the following ways:
+1 for starting a run
+2 for defeating the Villainous Villain
+1 each for reaching Level 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15, for a total of +5
+1 for each completed Normal and +2 for each completed Hardcore License to Adventure ascension, up to a total of +23.
+1 for each used copy of Lazenby's Life Lesson, shares the 23 cap with ascensions.

Gadgets and Upgrades

  • Upgrades up to Short-Range Jetpack and Fatima are available on the first run. Additional runs unlock more options (one upgrade for each Normal run, two for each Hardcore run), as does Lazenby's Life Lesson.
  • Barry gives an extra adventure for martini-type drinks:
You remember a trick that Barry taught you and shake your beverage just so.
  • The Belt-Implanted Still appends a message following every drink drunk:
You whip off your belt, pour your drink into the buckle, and suck it out the other end.
  • O'Toole adds a 1/9 chance after combat to give a martini with the following message:
O'Toole darts out from <location> and hands you a martini, "Here you go Chap, never let yourself be without the proper ammunition."
Martini.gifYou acquire an item: martini
or, if at least Level 6
Martini.gifYou acquire an item: dry martini
or, if at least Level 11
Martini.gifYou acquire an item: rockin' wagon
  • The Universal Symbology Guide allows you to decode the labels in What Setting?
  • The Soberness Injection Pen appends a message following every drink drunk:
You jam your pen into your thigh and feel a little bit more sober.
  • The Short-Range Jetpack gives a 1/20 chance for a fight to be free. This applies to any fight, including ones that are already free.
With the aid of your handy-dandy jetpack, you reach your next encounter almost instantly.
  • Ben Dover adds 4 adventures to martinis that give a base gain of 10 or fewer adventures:
You replace the olive in your martini with a fancy <alfonsos/gaeta/liguria/lugano/manzanilla/picholine/ponentine/sevillano> olive from Ben.
  • The Pocket Portable Bridge completes the bridge across The Orc Chasm, once 15/30 progress is reached:
You deploy your handy-dandy portable bridge and quickly finish the job.
  • Felicity Snuggles kills 3 soldiers each time you defeat a monster from The Battlefield. They need not be on The Battlefield at the time, and wanderers from elsewhere do not count if encountered on The Battlefield.
You hear three quick blasts and see 3 hippies fall to Felicity's rifle.
You hear three quick booms and see 3 frat soldiers fall to Felicity's rifle.
Your GPS beeps and directs you towards some new stuff.
  • Honey Potts has a chance of providing Afternoon Delight after each combat:
Honey scoots out from <location> and saunters over, "Hey babe, ready for some afternoon delight?"
Martini.gifYou acquire an item: Afternoon Delight