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Monster ID 1871
Locations Gotpork Conservatory of Flowers
Hit Points 20
Attack  ?
Defense unknown
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum plant
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts
Manuel Kudzu slaw
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Kudzu You're fighting Kudzu

Kudzu cackles madly at you, dangling from the roof of the greenhouse in a mass of writhing, tentacle-like vines. He keeps shouting things about plants' innate superiority to human beings, but you've basically stopped listening to him. All villains rant, pretty much, and you've learned to tune out the irrelevant bits so you can focus on more important things -- like dodging a series of attacks worthy of a chlorophyll-based octopus convention.

Hit Message(s):

A flower opens at the end of one of Kudzu's vines, and sprays you with a fine mist that smells like rotten meat. Pretty flower, though.

A vine wraps around your throat. This counts as stench damage because you can't breathe.

One of Kudzu's vines whips around your ankle and slams you into a barrel of, well, let's just say 'fertilizer'.

HPYou lose 10 hit points. (stench damage)

After Combat

Salad.gifYou acquire an item: Kudzu slaw (100% chance)*
And then...

Occurs in Gotpork Conservatory of Flowers via Knock Knock, Kudzu's There.