Krakrox the Barbarian

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Did you mean the monster version of Krakrox?


Krakrox the Barbarian is an Asymmetric Publications game that inspired many aspects of Kingdom of Loathing. For instance, both Cobb's Knob and the The Misspelled Cemetary were originally found in Krakrox.

Starting from June 2009, players in the Kingdom could relive Krakrox's adventures.

KoL Similarities





Seal Clubber logo and Seal-clubbing club

These images strongly resemble the "sturdy fallen branch" in Krakrox.
KoL version: Club.gif
Krakrox version: Krakrox stick.JPG


The bat hole bats in KoL are similar to the Krakrox bats, except with differing images for the head.
KoL versions:Regbat.gif
Krakrox version:Krakrox Bat.jpg

Moxie Weed

The image for the KoL Moxie weed is taken from the "heart-shaped fungus" of Krakrox.
KoL version: Heart1.gif
Krakrox version:Krakrox weed.JPG

Money-Making Goblin

The image for the Money-Making Goblin looks very similar to the knob goblins in Krakrox.
KoL version:Mmgoblin.gif
Krakrox version:Krakrox goblin.gif