KoL High School

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The KoL High School is located on the Right Side of the Tracks, but is only visible when you are on the KOLHS challenge path.

There are four zones in the School:

Within the school there are some additional restrictions.

  • The first 40 or so adventures of the day must be in the school zones.
    • Adventures as defined as "uses adventure.php"
  • On your 22nd adventure in school each day, you will encounter the Delirium in the Cafeterium noncombat.
  • The optional Saved by the Bell choice adventure is available 3 times after finishing school for the day.
  • Hats cannot be worn in school.
  • Familiars in school must have 10lbs or less base weight, with the exception of the Steam-Powered Cheerleader.

The KoL High School Messages page lists messages for breaking those rules.