Kiss of the Black Fairy

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Kiss of the Black Fairy

Kiss of the Black Fairy

You've been fortified with evil. Dire evil. Wicked evil. Eeeeeeevil evil.

+2X Spooky Damage

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Effect number: 280
Description ID: 8348ca470188c975bcb78c67a58c39ab
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Obtained From



  • Before September 17, 2007, it had no effect.
  • Before May 14, 2014, it was bound to a random dusty bottle of wine, the one with glyph #3.


  • This effect, along with the fact that the description of the bottle of wine mentions wormwood, is probably a reference to absinthe, an alcoholic beverage containing wormwood which is commonly called The Green Fairy.
  • Originally, on looking at the source code for the description pop-up, there was the text: "GNAA First Post!" GNAA stands for Gay N* Association of America, a joke website associated with trolling on a massive scale. This was a reference that makes the pun in the effect name stand out. This text was removed at some point before February 14th, 2019.

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