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This guide will provide some additional information to aid with a Kingdom of Exploathing ascension.

Astral Consumables & Equipment

Astral consumables work as normal, but take into account the missing locations that may limit sources of possible turngen. Pick what suits your purposes best.

Astral equipment is trickier in comparison, for using any of the low-pressure oxygen tank, signal jammer or space shield will leave you strapped for slots. Accessory slots are difficult to spare in particular.

No access to Monster Aggravation Devices will mean having 10-11 less ML to work with, which makes the astral belt a reasonable possibility. Otherwise, the astral pet sweater is safest in order to utilize a slot that is unlikely to be occupied.

Moon Sign

This path is unique in that none of the zones associated with moon signs are available, so the only part that matters would be the passive benefits.

Given that The Hermitage is not available, ten-leaf clovers will be harder to come across. This makes The Marmot's daily clover an excellent choice to remedy this. The Opossum and The Blender come in a distant second due to their extra daily adventures.

Mr. Store Items

Most of the usual applications for various items from the Mr. Store exist. However, some are more important than others under these restrictions, while others have their effectiveness reduced (or are not usable at all). Key divergences will be listed here.

Quest Progression

In this challenge path, all council quests are unlocked from the start, as are most locations. This shortens some areas, but removes some features to speed up others. One quest is also changed significantly.

Level 2

Level 4

Level 5

Level 7

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13


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