Kidnapped orphan

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kidnapped orphan
kidnapped orphan

Parent-murder is so common in Gotpork city that orphans are the largest demographic. You hear that, Batfellow? You're not special.

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Take it downtown to Gotpork Orphanage

(In-game plural: kidnapped orphans)
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Item number: 8803
Description ID: 804600614
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Obtained From

Center Park After Dark
common criminal
Gotpork Municipal Reservoir
Researching the Reservoir (5)
Gotpork Clock, Inc.
Considering the Clock Factory (6)
The Mean Streets
uncommon criminal (2)
Warehouse Row
rare criminal (3)
The Bat-Sedan
Traveling with Orphan Scoop Installed.
Rockin' Robin (in Gotpork only)