Kevin'x, the Knob Goblin Chef

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Kevin'x, the Knob Goblin Chef
Kevin'x, the Knob Goblin Chef

The slickest substance known to man? Yes, it is true. All the rumors are true! Well, except that one about me and the bugbear. That one's deliberate and malicious slander by my enemies to discredit me. The rest of the rumors, the ones about how I have created the slickest substance known to man -- those are true. I, Kevin'x, have created.... Knob Butter! It makes regular butter look like molasses! It could turn a concrete floor into an ice-skating rink! And it tastes very, very good on toast!

GIVE you some? You think I, Kevin'x, the greatest chef who has ever lived, will just GIVE you some of my fantastic, amazing, unprecedented invention? I think not! You will have to find something that I want, and if you bring it to me, then I might give you a small portion of knob butter, just so you can show the world how truly slick it is.

What I want is two pointed sticks of wood -- not just any pointed sticks, mind you, but pointed sticks that have been marinated to perfection! If I shove these marinated stakes through my filet mignons, the flavor will be so subtly complex, so piquant, that the ecstasy upon tasting it will be nearly fatal! Whom but I, Kevin'x, could have conceived of such a perfect dish?

After obtaining the marinated stakes:

Ah, I see you have brought me the marinated stakes I require for my ultimate culinary masterpiece. Hmmm... they're decidedly less fresh than I thought they would be, but I will prepare them so brilliantly that no one will notice.

Yes? Is there a reason you're still standing in my kitchen? Oh, yes, you wanted a sample of the knob butter. Very well, take it and get out of here before you collapse my soufflé or something.

Butter.gifYou acquire an item: knob butter

Occurs at the Kitchens.